While preparing for my sons' next track and field event, I felt we needed a edge; strength training. First I looked online for vests but found them to be either really expensive or not made for children.
The one's I did find for children were the Sensory Integration weighted vest for kids with D.I.S.(Dysfunction of Sensory Integration), they were expensive ($50-$125), didn't offer enough weight and were just not cute.
So I decided to try and figure out how to make a cheap weight vest whose weight could be adjusted depending on the exercise.

Step 1: First Attempt

My first attempt wasn't bad but the vest was too bulky, the sand shifted to the bottom of the vest and the weight wasn't adjustable.
hi! this is great! i was searching for this for soo long :D i have just a question: did the weights alwais stay adherent, or camed of during pratice?? thanks
While I myself am a big fan of wearing weighted any/everything to burden your muscles as much as possible, these are generally not sold in children's sizes because there is some evidence that they can cause lasting damage to developing bodies. <br> <br>If your bones and muscles are not in good alignment, even an adult could put unnecessary wear and tear on their joints- with a growing child, this joint stress and (if the weights are not very evenly appropriately and evenly distributed) posture-deforming weight can quickly cause lasting problems. <br> <br>So please: Use in short bursts, and please make sure form and posture are encouraged more than speed. <br> <br>Nobody likes hunchbacks.
a very interesting and well done &quot;ible&quot; although some of the pics are a little dark
This seems border line child abuse O-o.
Did you notice how miserable the boy looks?
it's not 5:23....
ooo you go gurl!<br>&gt;.&lt;

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