This is one wing of a pair of angel wings I made awhile back. The whole pair used 1 1/2 rolls of duct tape, 2 coat-hangers, and some reeds for basket making as a frame. The whole wing measures out to about 3ft long.  
I later attached both wings to a harness I put together made with hardware cloth, foam, and a belt for my Halloween costume, though unfortunately I never got around to taking pictures of the finished project. 
It was a huge hit, though I did have to make sure not to hit people in the face when I turned around too fast!

But mine was for a fallen angel costume
Omg I made something like this but the wings kinda draped when I wore them because they were heavy!
<p>These look great! Perfect idea for a Halloween costume!</p>
<p>weeping angel coustume....</p>
Is there any way I can get instruction please!
could you make a step by step i would like to make these
Ooh, wow! The duct tape give it a...graphite-ish look!
thanks! I still need to find a pic of them being worn, and my notes, then I can get around to making a step by step instructable:)
Any chance a tutorial of these will be going up? They look perfect for my Halloween costume idea.
These are awesome! I don't suppose you have a tutorial up anywhere as of yet? I'd love to know how you did the feathers :D
Ooh yay! I will look forward to it! :D
Are you going to post a pic of you wearing them so we can see them on a person? They look awsome!
These are BEAUTIFUL<br><br>
Thanx so much!

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