Duct Tape Armor





Introduction: Duct Tape Armor

This is the duct tape armor I made for a contest in my area. https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Duct-Tape-Exhibit/

I've had a lot of people ask me to post more pictures, so here they are

This suit of armor took me almost three weeks! Only the shield and sword are going to be put on instructables.

I used "The Jamalam's" helmet design, and the rest I came up with myself.

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    This is really cool though. I wanted to make duck tape armor, except, not make it as knight style, as much as custom made. I learned from my older cousin how to make foam boffer swords and other dueling tools out of duck tape, foam, and pvc pipe. I made a shield and a sword before (along with many other things) out of pipe and foam, instead of cardboard, so I can shield bash with it, it wasn't very greatly built, the actual shield didn't break, but the duck tape handle (I also had 2 nylon straps) broke several times. The swords, I could hit people with, without hurting them, but it didn't look realistic. I still wan't to make armor though, so not exactly like yours, but using similar, if not the same techniques you used, except with foam, so I can get battered around, I also want to make a rubber base suit, and a solid, hard exterior, it's probably not going to happen too soon though.
    I almost never would of thought of putting those metal things in it as joints. Great idea!

    I was looking at pictures of the armor, and I was like, "Cool!" and then I looked below the waist of the armor, and I was like, "Where are his legs. Does he not have legs? Where are they?" Then I realized you weren't in it.

    Ok thats just TOO cool!

    how meny rolls of duct tape did you use

    Let's see someone wear it! this is amazing.

    lol if u used electrical tape, I would have to ask you to "Stand aside, worthy adversary." monty python joke.

    "NONE shall pass." :)

    "Just a flesh wound."

    "I'll bite your legs off!"

    "What are you going to do? Bleed on me?"