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So Duct Tape art is something that has been around for a while. This guy on youtube 


has a lot of great material and suggest you check him out. There is also many other people with work out there, just check ask google! Ive been making wallets for a few years and the posters are something that I've taken interest in this summer when I decided to get a booth at a craft fair. The design itself is what i'll talk about in this 'ible because i know there are millions of instructables on wallets and such and the design aspect is what really takes your work to the next level! It can be made any size and shape, and has so many practical uses like:

  • Book Covers
  • Skateboard Decals
  • Posters/Paintings
  • Wallets
  • Cards
  • Phone Cases

So let's get started!

Step 1: Materials and Setup

Picture of Materials and Setup

Duct tape (I like to go to Jo-Anns and use the 50% off coupons they print every week)



Knive with Sharp blade

Measuring tools 
  • Rulers/ Strait edge
  • Circle Template
  • Protractor (?)

A computer and printer

Now another important thing to have is a clean workspace and good lighting. As you go along, make sure you put scrap tape in the garbage. A lot of the you cutouts will need very small features and you don't want to get mixed up between what's good and what's scrap.

Jeez! You have patience.
Ogod that is SO gorgeous!
Luv2Draw1 year ago
I do duct tape wallets and sold them at my local mall
freetree1232 years ago
_Jazmin_2 years ago
You forgot to put the link at the end
Mr_Altitude2 years ago
You're a beast, bro.
Livliv2 years ago
Sick job!!! Im going to get sum duct tape tomorrow!!!
gloriouskau2 years ago
Wow, man, nice job, I'm going to try this out as soon as possible, once my exams are over!
bobert6102 years ago
already been entered in this contest?
Poehls05 (author)  bobert6102 years ago
Yeah I was working on this instructable when I saw that go up and I thought "wow this might look kinda bad". But yeah, we have slightly different techniques, and I didn't want the time I put into this to go wasted.
Doesn't look bad at all. You use a different technique and it gives people options. Different people will prefer different techniques. Always worth posting.

I like your dream one the best. Especially the combination of colours.
Poehls05 (author)  Mr_o_uk2 years ago
Haha thanks man! Yeah instructables is such a cool website, its my home page ;)
Ah i see :) good work! I love this 'ible
Creativeman2 years ago
This is quite impressive, good job! However, I'm not getting how exactly you are doing it??? How does your design get onto the tape to be cut? You went from placing backing to Warning...the process will take time. What is the process?
Poehls05 (author)  Creativeman2 years ago
Yeah sorry man ill edit it. You tape it down with a clear tape around the edges, then cut through both the template and the tape
Poehls05 (author)  Poehls052 years ago
Thanks for the correction
MrTaco572 years ago
Can u guys vote for my K'nex gun the winnings are going to charity
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
a ery beautiful piece indeed