Duct Tape Assignment Notebook Organizer (A.N.O)

Picture of Duct Tape Assignment Notebook Organizer (A.N.O)
I came up with this project after being tired of carrying a pencil case to all of my classes. Now, I can't imagine what I would do without it. It keeps me organized and lets me focus on more important matters. Overall, it is a very basic project and is totally customizable. It's also pretty fun to make and makes a good present (this one's for my sister).  So if you're ready to bring out the duct tape,  lets get started.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Like I said, this project is fairly simple, but many supplies will help you get it done easier. You'll need
         -Craft Knife
         -Duct tape (at least one color)
         -An old binder
         -Scrap paper
         -The supplies you plan on storing
         -Assignment Notebook
         -Velcro (2 squares of each pair)
   You will also want a good work surface. Any countertop would work fine, but you might want to use a cutting board when using the craft knife. You wouldn't want to accidentally cut your dining room table now would you. In the second picture is the second color of duct tape and the Velcro. I forgot to include these in the first photo.

Step 2: Planning Stages

Picture of Planning Stages
To start with, this project is entirely customizable. And it is supposed to be. It should reflect your own tastes. And so we begin with planning. You'll want to firstly measure your assignment notebook and cut out the paper to the same size. Then you can lay the items out on the paper until you like what you see. Make sure that they will plenty off clearance so that you won't have a hard time getting them out.  Next, trace them onto the paper so you have a reference for later.
     Throughout the next steps, I'll be explaining how to make the various pockets. But before I do so, you'll have to make a very vital piece. The center board.
WOW, I need to make one of these! And it even has a pocket for my graphing calculator-it's perfect!
parismtb3 years ago
I HAVE to make one, i NEED one next year.
mason01904 years ago
not to insult you, but i had that same calculator in 4th grade! (not meant as an insult, just a little reminiscing.)
Poehls05 (author)  mason01904 years ago
Yeah, just had to get a new one. Doing sin, cos, and tan. :(
I had it in 4th and 5th. got new ones in 6th and had those all through junior high.
happyjo4 years ago
This must be very helpful for school! Nice job!
Poehls05 (author)  happyjo4 years ago
Thanks a lot. You're right. It is nice. I've had a lot of people at school comment on it too. Teachers even. Yup.