Step 6: The Other Pockets

All of the other pockets use the same, sticky side out, sticky side in concepts,in their own unique ways.

Basically the same as the pencils but square.
Actually 2 pockets. One full, one half.
I didn't actually make a pocket for the scissors on this model as there wasn't enough room. I have done this though on past ones. Basically a pocket for the blade. It's simple enough to figure out
A four corner hold on the back of the organizer. A pocket for each corner. Refer to the pictures for more information

Before doing anything on the back (i.e. the template) mark out the spots for the Velcro.

WOW, I need to make one of these! And it even has a pocket for my graphing calculator-it's perfect!
I HAVE to make one, i NEED one next year.
not to insult you, but i had that same calculator in 4th grade! (not meant as an insult, just a little reminiscing.)
Yeah, just had to get a new one. Doing sin, cos, and tan. :(
I had it in 4th and 5th. got new ones in 6th and had those all through junior high.
This must be very helpful for school! Nice job!
Thanks a lot. You're right. It is nice. I've had a lot of people at school comment on it too. Teachers even. Yup.

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