Here's a Dark Knight version batman mask made of mostly duct tape.

It's fairly rough, but maybe it'll inspire somebody. Enjoy!

Step 1: Custom Fit for Your Head

What you'll need:

  • some duct tape and a plastic grocery bag
  • a good cutting mat (I have a couple mats, but this double-sided Alvin brand one is my favorite. I highly recommend getting a 24" by 26" one)
  • a hobby knife (pick up a basic X-acto set if you don't have one)

To start, I laid out lots of strips of duct tape on my cutting mat, and sliced them into various sized smaller strips. Using a plastic grocery bag to protect my head, I started putting tape all over my head to get my personal head-shape. I trimmed off extra plastic as I went. My head was sweating like crazy, as plastic and duct tape don't breath very well...

Step 2: The Lucha Libre Mask Phase

Added strips of tape to cover nose and cheeks, leaving eye holes.

Step 3: Nose Piece

I used a sharpie to draw on the mask (while it was still on) where to cut out to make room for a nose piece. This was made through trial and error with triangular pieces of cardboard folded down the middle until I got one that fit comfortably over my nose. Another triangular piece was taped across the bottom to make it rigid. Then the nose piece was taped into place.

Step 4: Let the Shaping Begin

Once the nose piece was in place, I stuffed the entire thing full of wadded grocery bags and put a few pieces of tape across the chin area to keep the whole thing in a solid, head shape.

At this point I had to just sculpt till I had results I could live with. I used wadded newspaper wrapped in masking tape to get the shapes I needed, and then taped them on. Using a snap-blade style utility knife with a sharp blade fully extended, I trimmed off extra bulk as needed.

I had to put about a six-inch slice in the back of the mask to get it on and off.

The antennae were made of cardboard with newspaper on the inside to add bulk.

Took me about two hours in my living room. Think it turned out pretty good!
<p>nice job</p>
<p>I used masking tape for a smoother finish, The chin strap and neck piece were cut from a foam rubber gym mat.</p>
Looks great man <br>
<p>Hey, that turned out looking pretty darn good. Very nice work!</p><p>Thanks for sharing the photos. I think using masking tape was a good decision. Much cleaner looking than mine.</p>
<p>Thanks for coming up with the original brilliant idea. Genius!</p>
<p>This is a pretty quick and rough attempt. I made it with my 4 year old who didn't have the greatest patience but we had fun. I used cut outs from an egg carton for the ears.</p>
I also made slits in the cheek area like the Arkham games
Capow! My average attemp for tomorrows Christmas party
<p>Gorilla (TM) Brand makes a jet black glossy duct tape that would be perfect for this. Just avoid sticking it to any skin, especially delicate skin, it is EXTREMELY sticky.<br><br>Great project, saving for later....</p>
<p>Yes indeed! I love Gorilla Tape. </p><p>I actually made a full mask using it a few years ago: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Gorilla-Tape-Gorilla-Mask/" target="_blank">Gorilla Tape Gorilla Mask</a></p>
<p>Not perfect, but I got it done in about 2 hours at 2am before this picture at work.</p>
<p>Nice! Thanks for sharing the photo!</p>
I am going to paint it black! Thank you son much for posting this!
Hi! I love the way you made the batman mask! I would like to ask how you made the eye shapes on your mask?
<p>Hey, glad you like this! I made this so long ago, that I actually don't remember any more details than what is already included here. Hopefully it's enough to get you going in the right direction though. Best of luck!</p>
<p>its taken me 45 mins and still not done... But it's coming along how did you create the bulk right above the eyes though ?</p><p>Thx</p>
<p>I used wadded newspaper wrapped in masking tape to get the shapes I needed, and then taped them on. Using a snap-blade style utility knife with a sharp blade fully extended, I trimmed off extra bulk as needed.</p>
Seamster, how do you fit the plastic bag on your head to a spot where eye holes can be created?
Hi! I didn't pull the bag down over my eyes. I just pulled it to about my eyebrows and then scrunched up all the extra bag material at the back of my head. Hope that helps!
Thank you! This is how mine turned out, haha. I was in a hurry, but I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I used black spray paint.
<p>Hey, nicely done! Did you make this mask with any special use in mind, or just for fun?</p><p>Either way, it looks pretty sharp! Thank you for sharing the photo. It's always fun to see people using my instructions, and it totally makes my day! :) </p>
I made it for a costume party. People were impressed! Thanks again for sharing this post :)
<p>How much Duct Tape did you use to make the mask? I may have close to 50 to 100 teens making these for summer reading. </p>
<p>Eesh... I don't remember! : \</p><p>But I'd guess if you had about 10 - 15 yards available per person, you'd be more than okay.</p>
I need help
<p>How long did it take to make the mask?</p>
<p>can the same method be used for a batgirl cowl?</p>
Most definitely! Are you going to make one? I'd love to see how it turns out!
this in mine<br>
<p>Could I just ask how much ducktape did you use for the cowl and neck peace? Very nice btw ;)</p>
<p>Ooh, nice! That looks like it turned out excellent. Thank you for sharing your photos!</p>
that was very cool<br>
<p>Dear Seamster, </p><p>You have made my day. I can not wait to try this craft out. I am a Teen Librarian and a large majority of the teens that I work with, love Batman. I will also have to try this with Magneto from the X-MEN Comics. (He's my Favorite Mutant!!) or Ironman. </p>
<p>Awesome! That sounds like loads of fun. Be sure to snap some photos along the way. I'd love to see how they all turn out!</p>
<p>LOVE the mask, I'm going to make my own soon enough. One question that's been bugging me, is the grocery bag that you used a small type or a normal sized bag because I'm not sure if those are the handle's of the bag on your ears in Step 1? And did you put the excess grocery bag pieces to cover the bottom sides of your face in between Step's 2 and 3?</p>
<p>It's a regular sized grocery bag, but those are not the handles hanging down. The bag was just kind of smooshed and pressed where needed to compact it close against my head (there were tons of folds and wrinkles in the bag, but the tape goes on smooth cover all of this.)</p>
And how did you do the ears, did you just get a piece of cardboard that's shaped like batman a ears?
Yes, they are made from pieces of cardboard.
Hey man, how did you get the head shape at the beginging
<p>Hi. See step two. I built up tape on my own fat head, over a plastic bag.</p>
That's so cool! I'm so going to try this! Thanks for sharing!
<p>You're my new hero. 8 year old grandson want to be Batman, costume in store is $50. Duct tape is cheap. You rock!</p>
<p>could you make aspiderman one. im 14 but i still love spiderman ive been a huge fan since i was 2, i would love if youmade a spiderman maske</p>
Need a duct tape maniquin its easy for storage check out stealths page on YouTube on making a duct tape dummy
this is a really great instructable i made one when i was in fourth grade but i lost it hopefully i can make a better one soon thanxs so much
Well, I've decided to be Batman for Halloween instead of Cap'n A. So I was wondering if you knew of a way to make the part of the cowl that covered the neck and part of the chest, I just don't want my neck showing. Thanks!
yeah me too.
Ah, that might be tricky. You could create some sort of covering made of cardboard or craft foam pieces glued together to fit the way you like, and then cover it with duct tape to match the cowl, or paint it. I'd look at some of the other batman costumes on this site for ideas. I haven't really looked at them too closely. However you do it, good luck!

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