Picture of Duct Tape Batman Mask
Here's a Dark Knight version batman mask made of mostly duct tape. It was made to enter in a county fair "duct tape creations" contest. It won $15 dollars.

It's fairly rough, but maybe it'll inspire somebody.
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Step 1: Custom fit for your head

Picture of Custom fit for your head
To start, I laid out lots of strips of duct tape on my cutting mat, and sliced them into various sized smaller strips. Using a plastic grocery bag to protect my head, I started putting tape all over my head to get my personal head-shape. I trimmed off extra plastic as I went. My head was sweating like crazy, as plastic and duct tape don't breath very well...

Step 2: The lucha libre mask phase

Picture of The lucha libre mask phase
Added strips of tape to cover nose and cheeks, leaving eye holes.

Step 3: Nose piece

Picture of Nose piece
I used a sharpie to draw on the mask (while it was still on) where to cut out to make room for a nose piece. This was made through trial and error with triangular pieces of cardboard folded down the middle until I got one that fit comfortably over my nose. Another triangular piece was taped across the bottom to make it rigid. Then the nose piece was taped into place.

Step 4: Let the shaping begin

Picture of Let the shaping begin
batman mask 008.jpg
Once the nose piece was in place, I stuffed the entire thing full of wadded grocery bags and put a few pieces of tape across the chin area to keep the whole thing in a solid, head shape.

At this point I had to just sculpt till I had results I could live with. I used wadded newspaper wrapped in masking tape to get the shapes I needed, and then taped them on. Using a snap-blade style utility knife with a sharp blade fully extended, I trimmed off extra bulk as needed.

I had to put about a six-inch slice in the back of the mask to get it on and off.

The antennae were made of cardboard with newspaper on the inside to add bulk.
nissan07122 years ago
nice pic taken with the rc plane wing behind your head. made for a funny pic. great job a the instructable too.
Thanks for the instructions man I made one and its beastly
Leaving eye holes...

and Nose holes no???.
Or dont you wanna breathing??.

No, really, good work!!
52filipino5 years ago
Your funny... LOL
codongolev5 years ago
 just leave it like that and run around calling yourself the penguin of justice.
nice pic lol!
raukorist776 years ago
HAHAHA it looks like that flying wing behind you is part of id XD
treblig826 years ago
great picture haha!
The Jamalam6 years ago
LOL at that picture