Step 2: The lucha libre mask phase

Picture of The lucha libre mask phase
Added strips of tape to cover nose and cheeks, leaving eye holes.
nissan07123 years ago
nice pic taken with the rc plane wing behind your head. made for a funny pic. great job a the instructable too.
Thanks for the instructions man I made one and its beastly
Leaving eye holes...

and Nose holes no???.
Or dont you wanna breathing??.

No, really, good work!!
52filipino5 years ago
Your funny... LOL
codongolev5 years ago
 just leave it like that and run around calling yourself the penguin of justice.
nice pic lol!
raukorist776 years ago
HAHAHA it looks like that flying wing behind you is part of id XD
treblig826 years ago
great picture haha!
The Jamalam6 years ago
LOL at that picture