Introduction: Duct Tape Glitter Beauty Organizer ♥

Picture of  Duct Tape Glitter Beauty Organizer ♥

This Beauty Organizer holds:
Makeup pallets, lipstick, nail-polish, makeup brushes, jewelry, bobby pins, ponytails, foundation, sunglasses,headbands, wrist watches, and rings, and Duct Tape holds it all together!! ♥♥


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Step 2: Open Your Box

Picture of Open Your Box

Step 3: Paint & Decorate

Picture of Paint & Decorate

Paint, Glitter & decorate the inside of your box . This will be your background.

I created a pink galaxy theme. Use an old toothbrush to splatter paint black & white if

you want a galaxy theme as well.

Step 4: Make 2 Slits in Your Cardboard

Picture of Make 2 Slits in Your Cardboard

Measure the height of your tallest nail polish ( or whatever you decide to put on your bottom shelf)

Draw a straight line where you will use your box cutter to make a slit into the cardboard.

Step 5: Make 2 Shelves

Picture of Make 2 Shelves

1. Measure & cut a new piece of cardboard to fit into your slit.

2. Push it int the slit that you made & fold it twice into a rectangular shelf.

3. Add Duct tape to it for decoration.

4. Duct tape the backside as well to hold in place (View photos)

Step 6: Secure Your Shelf

Picture of Secure Your Shelf

Pull rope or tulle through your whole punched ends and tie & secure your shelf to the cardboard.

Step 7: Test Your Shelves

Picture of Test Your Shelves

Add your makeup to your shelf to test it and make sure that it will hold your makeup in place without falling.

It should stay!

Step 8: Make Duct Tape Makeup Brush Holders

Picture of Make Duct Tape Makeup Brush Holders

1. Measure the width of your makeup brush & fold a piece of duct tape hot dog style

2. Add 2 smaller pieces of duct tape to to hold your brush to the board

3. You can also just use 1 piece of folded duct tape & use hot glue to adhere it to your board.

Step 9: Make Duct Tape Bobby Pin Holder

Picture of Make Duct Tape Bobby Pin Holder

1. Cut & Fold a small square piece of cardboard into a box,

2. Cover it in duct tape ( Don't cover the opening)

3. Place your bobby Pins & hair accessories inside! :)

Step 10: Make Duct Tape Ponytail Holder.

Picture of Make Duct Tape Ponytail Holder.

1. Cut a 2" x 2" piece of cardboard out

2. cut 4 slits on all 4 of the corners

3. Fold each corner slit once creating 8 small triangles

4. Fold each side together, until you have created a small box

5. Hot Glue the sides together

6. Decorate with glitter using mod podge

7. fold a very skinny piece of duct tape together

8. Hot glue the box to your board once it is dry

9. Hot glue your Duct tape strip to the box & add pony tails when dry! :0


violetsmuse (author)2016-08-18

Super smart idea!

GingerSnapsAM (author)2016-06-03

Love it!looks super cute;I think I'll make this for sure.

Scarlet Moon made it! (author)2016-01-16


CootiePatootie (author)2015-11-28

This is awesome. Awesomeness with awesome sauce even. I LOVE the pink galaxy theme - it looks professionally done. WOW and then the whole organizer - you are so clever. I am definitely going to incorporate some of your ideas into my duck tape crafting! Thanks for sharing this!!! <3

Simran Sharma (author)2015-11-10

nice idea

kcriss (author)2015-10-27

love that it is super pretty ❤❤

bhscolleen (author)2015-06-23

Yes! I need a organizer for my collection of jewelery . This combine the best things: glitter and duct tape!

Kassarona17 (author)2015-06-23

This is awesome I also use duck tape well I used to when I was like 10 but I used to make stuff like that too.

hannahdakitten (author)2015-05-29

you can do this with a duotang instead of cardboard!

AwesomeA (author)2015-05-08

Super awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

takia.mustafa (author)AwesomeA2015-05-09

Thanks! :)

amberrayh (author)2015-05-08

This is incredible! I love how it's all customized to fit your makeups and so pink!! Buying something like this would cost so much $$. You are a genius!

takia.mustafa (author)amberrayh2015-05-09

Thank you!! I'm glad you like it, and I agree, you can put virtually whatever you want in it. :)

takia.mustafa (author)2015-05-08

Without Duct tape this wouldn't be possible :)

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