Introduction: Duct Tape Belt

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How to make a cheap belt with things you find around the house. I made this belt one day when my old belt was starting to wear out, it is easy and doesn't take much to make.

Step 1: Materials, and Tools.

Picture of Materials, and Tools.

For this instructable you will need:
1 roll of duct tape
1 Pair of scissors
1 pen
1 ruler
2 key chain rings

Step 2: Measure Tape.

Picture of Measure Tape.

Measure the tape out to fit your waist. You will need to double the amount. Fold over its all but the last 1 inch.

Step 3: Choose Thickness

Picture of Choose Thickness

get you ruler and measure how thick you want your belt all the way down. i made mine 3CM but you can make it bigger or smaller.

Step 4: Cut

Picture of Cut

Cut the Tape along the line you just made.

Step 5: Fitting the Rings

Picture of Fitting the Rings

If your belt is as thick as mine you will need to cut the end so that the rings will fit.

Step 6: Puting Rings On

Picture of Puting Rings On

Slide the key chain rings on the end and fold it over.


Picture of YOU'RE DONE

You now have a belt. to put it on you need to put the end through both rings then bring it around the top ring and through the bottom.


PoniesSwag (author)2012-05-01

Just made it...Love it! Mine is purple with some green at the end. I'm really satisfied with the way it turned out! Thx for the 'ible.

ducttape12 (author)2011-04-11


duck_tape_ (author)2010-01-16

I would take 1 peice and fold it over its self Hotdog-ways.  But I guess that just makes it thiner.

brewtendo (author)duck_tape_2010-03-04

 why do people call it "hot dog style"? havent u ever thought of that it actually sounds weird?

duck_tape_ (author)brewtendo2010-03-04

I couldn't think of any other way to put it, if you have any suggestions, please enlighten me.



nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-06-27

Oh man! I thought it would be adjustable! *thinks up a design* I GOT IT!!! Well, just the same thing. Only the adjustable part of it uses the ring and a fairly thick gauge piece of wire for the thing that goes through the holes that are on the other end of the belt... Just think of the usual belt and replace leather with duct tape, the other things with, well, whatever you can think of.

Pandevivacidad (author)2009-03-24

I have amazing difficulty with folding the duct tape over, I always screw it up really bad. Any tips?

For long things, such as a belt, I will often do it in a few shorter sections.  For short ones, fold the edges, than the middle, and press down to flatten.

I made a bunch before this that look bad because of folding, i just got better the more i made.

shadowlink125 (author)2007-09-06

lol is that a duct tape wrist band? i made 1 to duct tape is so awsome!!

funderwood (author)shadowlink1252007-09-07

yes it is.

Jib391 (author)funderwood2009-09-29

How do you make one?

funderwood (author)Jib3912009-09-29

The same way the belt was made just smaller.

Jib391 (author)funderwood2009-09-30

Thanks :)

sharlston (author)2009-08-07

woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston

1spartan95 (author)2009-04-13

I made one but I used velcro and I put an ammo box / pocket on it.

minerug (author)1spartan952009-06-19

Or try this

nucksalltheway (author)2009-05-08

I like this idea but if you were in a hurry couldn't you just take a role and take a long strip, put it through the loops and tape it together?

funderwood (author)2009-02-14

My belt i made for this instructable just died, next time ill add more layers.

z3r0 (author)funderwood2009-04-21

Still, It held for almost 3 years... For how much it costs to make that is really good.

nightninja87 (author)2009-03-28

well im happy i been needing a new belt but didnt feel like spending the money thx

Ebrithil (author)2007-12-09

can you make an Instructable on how to make a jacket from duct tape? I know its a lot to ask, but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me with this. theres this dance coming up in February that suggests "Formal" and i dont have a decent jacket to wear for it.just a simple jacket is all im asking for, i dont need buttonholes or anything. if u do, thank you, if u dont, thank you anyway. BTW, kudos on ur instructable. very resourceful.

Ebrithil (author)Ebrithil2008-03-03

well, thanks anyway. but dude, i had NO jacket. i had to borrow one from a friend. only problem with that is that hes a midget, and im a giant, and the sleeves were about 4 inches too short for me. was a simple jacket too much to ask? :(

DBLinuxLover (author)Ebrithil2008-04-25

Don't get me wrong, duct-tape clothes are cool. But you shouldn't really wear duct-tape to a formal. Its not... well... formal. Plus, a jacket is a huge undertaking, so "was a simple too jacket too much to ask?" was uncalled for. Its not simple at all.

jillg (author)DBLinuxLover2008-12-25

even a shirt would be qite an undertaking

cupojoe999 (author)jillg2009-02-14

IMO a shirt would get a little sweaty and be a little uncomfortable, and a jacket would be warmish but restrict a lot of movement.

Shadowfury (author)cupojoe9992009-02-18

Well, if you pleated the joints, you could get more flexibility. Aesthetics wouldn't be too great though. Then again, who in their right mind wears a duct tape jacket?

cupojoe999 (author)Shadowfury2009-02-21

IDK there are some people who can and will get that obsessed with duct tape, ive seen pictures of people making two matching prom outfits out of duct tape (one for him and her) and they turn out looking nice and not rushed at all but they dont look comfortable

bobbambusle (author)Ebrithil2008-12-17

you just cover it with duck tape ps duck tape rules

Woodenbikes (author)Ebrithil2007-12-21

I made a solar heated jacket from clear bubble wrap and packing tape. Cozy warm, and humid. like a mini vacation in Hawaii.

funderwood (author)Ebrithil2007-12-09

Well I would try but i don't think i have the Cash to buy that much tape. it doesn't seen like it would be that hard if you where to try.

DrCoolSanta (author)2007-12-10

May I ask you, not to sound offending or something, how the hell is it useful? O_o? This is not at all fashionable, and what's the use of a belt that doesn't look good? Oh my gosh dun tell me it is to keep your pants up, you must be a geek if you say that. Let me repeat myself, these are my ideas on it, and i doidn't want to offend you or anything, and I don't think there i anything wrong with telling people what you think.

DrCoolSanta (author)DrCoolSanta2007-12-10

scratch that geek, geeks are good, it is nerd -_-.

peepla (author)DrCoolSanta2008-11-26

hey now, dont go knocking nerds. if you are on a computer and have a fair amount of are a nerd. you may be a closet nerd but a nerd none the less. me i'm a nerd and a computer geeks. hard to find work as a computer geek cuz no one wants you to byte the head off there computers. just funning with ya, but check out this site: ...and you will be stuck on duct too.

cornflaker (author)peepla2009-01-05

Hey, not true!
Definition of nerds and geeks:
Geek - Characterized by a high level of intelligence, usually proficient in the use of computers, still has a normal social life and plenty of friends (even if they are also geeks or even nerds)
Nerd - This is your typical no-life dungeons and dragons playing, "action figure" collecting nerd, generally characterized by little or no social life, often rather timid/shy, doesn't necessarily posses a high level of inteligence

Thats not meant to be offensive to anyone, but its the truth so if it is offensive to you then you probably are a nerd.

funderwood (author)DrCoolSanta2007-12-10

Why exactly does it need to be useful for any thing else beside holding my pants up?

DrCoolSanta (author)funderwood2007-12-11

I expected such a reply from you, well maybe you are not much into actually keeping your wardrobe fashionable, atleast I don't think so, because belts are more for looking atleast good. Without belts it seems that something is missing and with such a belt that you made, you can do nothing more than keeping your pants up. I mean it matters to me more if the belt looks good, and not whether it keeps pants up, not that I like my pants to fall, but many people prefer to have it lower than the waist. Not to offend you or anything, even if you don't care about the looks, it hardly makes a different, besides I respect people who are not fashionable as well, but you see, atleast most of the people I meet and especially my friends do care about everything they wear. This instructable is not bad but it is surely not what I'll try.

codongolev (author)DrCoolSanta2008-12-15

*attention, Dr. fashion has entered the building. do not be alarmed.* *unless you're wearing a duct tape belt, then he's got a rifle and you'd better run.* btw, all in good fun.

funderwood (author)DrCoolSanta2007-12-11

Just because I don't dress like a tool and am not "fashionable". doesn't mean I'm not stylish. if this isn't the kind of thing you would put on don't come here and say that what i where isn't cool.

DrCoolSanta (author)funderwood2007-12-12

Why are you getting so angry, just finish it here. And get me right, fashionable aand stylish are different things.

Well, if you think that barely noticeable belt is not "stylish" (it is cool by the way) you aughtta see my duct tape cap on my HUGE MASSIVE head. Yes, I have a huge head. It runs in my dad's side of the family. Except his brother has a little head.

I got a big head too, lol.

Deltablazing (author)DrCoolSanta2008-04-19

have you ever come to consider that maybe some people find duct tape fashionable?

codongolev (author)DrCoolSanta2008-12-15

Missions trip. North carolina. summer of 2007. I was digging the trench for the septic system for the old woman. I didn't realize when I packed the pants that they were too large, quite too large. I was having a dilemma. my pants were falling down. and what's worse, I was using a pickax. every swing, I had to stop and pull my pants up. and that, my friend, is where duct tape came in. I just folded a piece in half, pulled it tight, and tied it. and it kept my pants from falling down. and if the fact that I enjoy having pants on in public makes me a geek, well I'm proud.

peepla (author)DrCoolSanta2008-11-26

Actually, it is very fashionable. I drive a school bus and I see some startling and strange stuff when teens board. not only is duct tape is the newest thing among teenagers, they are serious about it. I seen a formal dress made completely out of duct tape...and it was gorgeous too...and she was photographed next to a guy with a tux type jacket made from it. I bet by the end of the evening they were sweating buckets as duct is an excellent insulator, but yes, its now the height of fashion these days. personally I am not going to wear a full length dress of the stuff but a belt and a bracelet says 'yep, I'm a little cool'. just sign me as the own of a "I can fix anything...where's your duct tape" tee shirt.

Deltablazing (author)DrCoolSanta2008-04-19 obviously like your pants to fall down or do you use suspenders??

emattrose (author)2009-01-02

Did this hold up? I made a belt using a piece of duct tape with a strip of fabric on the back, and it died after about a week. It got all scrunched up around the rings and ended up being sticky and really hard to open. I hope the double duct tape design works better!

Matt D655 (author)2008-12-29

Ya a duct tape belt,tie what's next a duct tape jacket??

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