Duct Tape Bible Cover With Funky Strap (for Falling-Apart Paperback Bibles)





Introduction: Duct Tape Bible Cover With Funky Strap (for Falling-Apart Paperback Bibles)

My nifty paperback Bible's font cover was falling off, so I fixed it using a roll of duct tape and a luggage strap. It cost me $2.00.

Step 1: Reinforce Edges

The first thing I did was use the duct tape to cover up and reinforce the torn edges, both the outer edge and the edge where the cover meets the Bible.

Step 2: Cover With Duct Tape

I added horizontal strips of duct tape to the outside and the inside of the front cover. The outside strips are long, going from the edge of the front cover to the edge of the back cover. Be careful not to tighten the tape too much as you stretch it over the spine of the Bible, as this causes the back or front cover to pull away from the outer edge.

Step 3: Add the Luggage Straps

I had to slide the plastic adjustable piece of the strap up so that it was right up against the buckle. This is so that all the plastic hardware will fit onto the front of the Bible. It just barely fit the way I wanted it. I cut away the extra strap length and taped the strap ends together at the back of the Bible.

Step 4: Finishing Touches and Suggesitions

I added some more duct tape to make the cover look smoother, but I still have some tape left on the roll! Then I took the name and address card out of the luggage strap. I flipped it over and taped some appropriate words (cut out from an old church bulletin) to it. The cool thing is that I can change that tag if/when I get tired of it!

I would be interested in seeing what variations you folks come up with. I've had a couple of ideas. The dollar store had a see-through, zip-lock plastic luggage tag that might work as a pocket if it was stuck onto the front of the Bible. Also, what about loops for carrying a pens or highlighters?

This is my first Instructable. If I had been thinking, I would have used grey duct tape instead of black, so that you could see the black strap better. Anyways, thanks for looking at this!




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    Just wanted to say, If you all like his instructable, why is there only one plus rating put there by me on this page? Huh, huh, HUH!? Jk

    The images are backwards cuz they were taken with a webcam. The velcro square is really on the front of the bible.

    What I did is black duct tape with a white cross. But after that, I cut a piece o tape that would stretch from the front cover around the front of the bible to the back cover. Then, I put a piece of duct tape sticky side down onto the other piece, leaving enough sticky side free to stick on the back. I then put velcro on the front and the strip to hold it closed.

    That's cool. I never thought of using velcro. Sticking the velcro to the duct tape strip is a good idea. Maybe I'll do that on my next one. It sounds like it would work a lot better than my luggage strap. :)

    yeah my bible got messed up from my dogs so i covered it in hockey tape and put a cross made out of tape god instructable

    Thanks! Yeah, hockey tape would look incredibly cool because it has that texture to it.

    srry meant good instructable

    Oh wow, I love duct tape...but Never thought of this! My Bible's cover is a nice leather-ish cover, but what's the sense in having a nice black cover when you can have something with duct tape? It totally makes the Bible even cooler... it's like... gives it the look of all-power and strength. Lol Verrrrrry cool and verrrrry creative! :-D awesome!

    hey I have a duct tape Bible and what the every time I look up duct tape I see you!