Step 1: Cut Top Off One Bottle

Step 2: Place Top on Bottom of Another Bottle

Step 3: Wrap in Duct Tape

Put 3-4 layers of tape

Step 4: Cut Out Fins

Step 5: Wrap in Fins in Duct Tape

Step 6: Tape Fins On

Step 7: Poke Hole in Bottom

Do this step for the rocket to fly.

Step 8: Use Air Pressure to Launch

Use a bike pump to launch
his is my brothers
i tried this but used a different version which inspired me to make this edition. it didnt have enough duct tape and it blew up in his face.
But others that require air pressure, and the hole is to small to fit the pump nozzle
Have you shot it
No I'm sorry <br/>The hole needs to be bigger and add in a little water
It has to be harder where the nob goes
O u can use a bike pump it would be A LOT easier than a air compresser<br/>Also you need a slight modification <br/>
I don't have an air compressor
If u try it be SAFE not responsible for any injuries or accidents
I can't really thow sorry,<br/>I am working on a alternative rocket fuel without KNO3 (R-CANDY)
Try it and tellme
O I think rubbing alcohol would be better
Air pressure is what you use
I would suggest Mabey rubbing alcohol it is not so hit when u burn it
U should check out my instructable on a pen rocket<br/>U would like it
Umm what launches it off?<br/>Butane?<br/>Rubbing alcohol?<br/>Engine?<br/>R candy?
I haven't shot it yet but leave a comment if it works

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