Picture of Duct Tape Bow
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need scissors , bobby pin, and any kind of duct tape

Step 2: Length

Picture of Length
Cut the length u want your bow to be

Step 3: Another

Picture of Another
Cut another piece the same length to make your bow thicker and make it over lap alittle on the bottom piece of the first piece

Step 4: Cut Off

Picture of Cut Off
Cut off any thing not wanted

Step 5: Fold

Picture of Fold
Fold in half

Step 6: Fold More

Picture of Fold More
Take the bottom and fold over

Step 7: Keep Folding

Picture of Keep Folding
13, 12:24 PM.jpg
Keep folding like an accordion

Step 8: Pinch

Picture of Pinch
Pinch in the middle

Step 9: Cut A Piece

Picture of Cut A Piece
Cut a small piece to wrap around the middle of the bow to make it stay

Step 10: Finish

Picture of Finish
Put the bobby pin in the bow

Step 11: Put It In

Picture of Put It In
Add the bow where ever you want
Fun! Love the duct tape design! You should put that last image in the first image spot!