Picture of Duct Tape Bow
This is an instructable teaching you how to make a duct tape bow. Some bows look very flat and rigid, but this method makes the bow 3D and voluminous.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
To make this duct tape bow, you will need: •Duct tape •Scissors

Step 2: Create Sheet

Picture of Create Sheet
Now we are going to create a sheet of duct tape that is as tall as you want the bow to be and twice as long. To make a sheet put a piece of tape as long as twice the bow length on the table, then put another one, overlapping them about half an inch. Repeat until the height of the strips of duct tape are the desired height of the bow.

Step 3: Flip The Tape Over

Picture of Flip The Tape Over
Now peel the tape off the table and lay it sticky side up.

Step 4: The Other Side

Picture of The Other Side
Make a strip of tape about two inches longer than the sheet. Then stick it on top of the sheet, but make sure to leave an inch off the sheet.

Step 5: Repeat On The Bottom

Picture of Repeat On The Bottom
Do it again on the bottom side, remember to leave an inch off.

Step 6: Fill

Picture of Fill
Put more tape strips so that all the remaining sticky parts are covered.

Step 7: Flip Over The Sheet

Picture of Flip Over The Sheet

Step 8: Cut The Corners

Picture of Cut The Corners
Cut the corners like shown in the photo.

Step 9: Fold In Sticky Part

Picture of Fold In Sticky Part
Food the top and bottom sticky edges around the middle unsticky part. Leave the sides alone

Step 10: Roll Into Tube

Picture of Roll Into Tube
Roll the sheet into a tube, first fold in one side of the sticky part, then roll and put the only remaining sticky side on the other side.

Step 11: Form The Middle

Picture of Form The Middle
Take a five inch piece of tape and fold the sides into the middle.

Step 12: Middle Tube Closure

Picture of Middle Tube Closure
Put a small price of tape on one end of the middle strip.

Step 13: Scrunch Big Tube

Picture of Scrunch Big Tube
Pull the tube into a bow shape with your fingers.

Step 14: Last Step

Picture of Last Step
13, 4:24 PM.jpg
Put the middle strip around where your fingers where and pull the small piece of tape around it, then cut the rest off.

Step 15: Done

Picture of Done
Put it anywhere to liven things up.
Clairedee_Cat11 months ago

This turned out great!! First time I tried it it came out beautiful!!