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Step 1: 1.

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Get duct tape of choice and scissors ready.

Step 2: 2.

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Cut tape to chosen length. I use about 4-5 inches.

Step 3: 3.

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Cut another piece of tape the same length and put together.

Step 4: 4.

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Pinch the middle of your bow and pull out the insides to form bow shape.

Step 5: 5.

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Cut strip of tape (short and about half the width of normal tape) and wrap it around bow to secure the shape.

Step 6: 6.

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You can now stop and keep it as a bow or continue to make it a bow tie. Now cut a long strip of tape and fold it in half long way. Make sure it connects if you wrap it around your or whoever u are making it for's neck.

Step 7: 7.

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Now attach the bow to the middle of the neck piece. Make the connecting duct tape piece the same as you made the piece securing the pitched bow.

Step 8: 8.

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Now wrap it around the persons neck and secure with a little piece of duct tape.


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