Picture of Duct Tape Bowtie
If you are like me you love duct tape and you like a challenge every once and a while or you like having odd ties or maybe even both. I willshow you how to make a bowtie out of the greatest material on Earth.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
Duct tape
Scissors or Knife
Ruler or Tape Measure

Step 2: First make a long strip

Picture of First make a long strip
About 35 inches long

Step 3: Mark the width

Picture of Mark the width
Picture 005.jpg
Picture 006.jpg
Picture 007.jpg
The side width should be 2.5 to 2.75 inches in width the middle width should be about a half inch. Use picture as sorce for shape. Then draw the shape and cut it out.

Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished
If you have questions feel free to ask. PS This was my first instructable.
im with ya doc
I love doctor who sooooo much im a whovian and im proud of it!!!!
Dr. Who4 years ago
bowties are cool. so are fezzes(spelling?)
ASMDSVD Dr. Who3 years ago
I made something kinda like this but instead of making it wrap around your neck, i took 4 bread tie things and covered them in duck tape then i attached it to the bow and that way it just clips of and off. great instructable!   :)
ducttaped5 years ago
this is cool but i dont really understand the 3rd step. what is the blue stuff? (sorry if i sound harsh i dont mean to) and then how do you get the second picture. cann you just explain the entire 3rd step to me? GREAT IDEA !!:)

newb ducttaped5 years ago
tht lue stuff is the duck tape he used but a tip if you want a more realistic bow tie you can use 1 strip back to back then just trim it to the edges for the bow part i used neon green and pink just 1 strip of each and it came out like this
kaiga6 years ago
this i good and i cant wait for your tying instructable.