Picture of Duct Tape Bracelet
This bracelet is my first instructible. It won't be the last. It's fairly easy to make an very stylish. You can make it any color, but I'll be making it cardinal colors. Enjoy! What you'll need: 1roll of red duct tape 1 roll of black duct tape 1 inch of Velcro Scizzors A hobby knife

Step 1: Make Your Strips

Picture of Make Your Strips
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Step 1: Measure your arm at about 2 inches above your wrist. Cut one strip that is two inches longer and one that is half that length, as in picture one. Cut your second strip in half longways. Repeat this step. Step 2: attach your two long strips sticky side touching, so you have one strip with no sticky parts exposed(showing). Cut your two short strips in half longways,like before. Attach them to the black strip, like in picture two.
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