Introduction: Duct Tape Bracelet

Picture of Duct Tape Bracelet

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started

What you need duct tape wrist (optional) scissors

Step 2: Who Cut the Tape?

You need to cut the tape so the bracelet can slip on and off when needed for regular wrists 7 in works.

Step 3: On a Roll

Now take the tape and make a circle with the sticky Side out

Step 4: Almost There

Picture of Almost There

Now cut another piece of tape that is equal to the last piece and place the sticky park on top of the other sticky part as shown in the picture and go around until it covers the whole thing

Step 5: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product

Well now you finished your bracelet I hope you enjoy!


Minecraft_Girl123 (author)2014-08-28

Wow nice it's ok if u messed up

onrust (author)2013-05-23

Cool. That tape comes in any color

9b4z1l (author)2013-05-23


9b4z1l (author)2013-05-23

I no I messed up at the end pic

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