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Introduction: Duct Tape Buckle

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This is a very simple duct tape Instructable for making a buckle fastening out of duct tape.
I used mine to make buckles to hold a cardboard art portfolio closed.

The last picture is a diagrammatic overview of all of the pieces of duct tape you will need to make one buckle.

(Materials: duct tape)

Step 1: Fold Strips

1 long and 2 short pieces of tape.
Fold each of those three into thirds so there are no sticky bits showing.

Step 2: Tape Buckle Part

I put mine on the top flap of the portfolio.

Step 3: Tape Strap

This part goes on the lower part of the portfolio.

Step 4: Fasten Buckle

Thread strap up under both straps of the buckle, then fold it over and thread it back over the first strap and under the second.

Step 5: There You Have It!



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    This is awesomely useful Selkey! I can't tell you how many time I've had my large storage container explode because it had too much stuff. DEFINITELY going to invest in this.