This is my first Instructable so bear with me. I am sorry that some of the pictures are a little blurry.
Every little kid loves to catch lightning bugs in the summer, or butterflies, or even ladybugs. So why not make this cute bug house for your little ones to keep their cute creatures in while they are hunting. It may not turn out perfect. I know mine didn't. But if your kids are anything like mine they will have it destroyed or lost in less than a week. But at least they will enjoy it for a little while.

Duct Tape (I used gray, red, purple, and blue)
Paper (I used regular copy paper but recycled paper is fine because the paper does not show.)
Screen scraps or Plastic Canvas (I used plastic canvas)
Rubber band
Wire hanger or other stiff wire
Pen for marking paper tubes
Packing or Scotch tape (optional)

Note: To make paper tubes:
Lay paper diagonally. Starting with the bottom corner, tightly roll paper until it makes a thin tube. Tape in several places along the tube to keep it from unrolling. I used packing tape for this but duct tape will work fine.

Step 1: Making the Bottom and Top of the Box.

1. Make 4 paper tubes.
2. Take 1 tube and bend it about 3/5 of the way down the length. Cut the ends so they are flat. The exact location of the bend is not important for the first tube, but this will determine the size of the box bottom.
3. Take a piece of duct tape, that is a little longer than the long end of the tube, and lay it sticky side up on a flat surface.
4. Lay the tube so it is in the middle of the tape and the flat end of the longer side is flush with the end of the tape.
5. Wrap the end of the tape around the bent end of the tube. You want to cut and tuck the tape so that it tucks nicely against the tube. Pull the top of the tape down and wrap it around the tube and against the bottom part of the tape but not to the bottom edge of the tape.
6. Take another piece of tape that is a little longer than the short side and do the same as the last step. Lay this piece aside.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 to make another piece of the box bottom. Make sure that the tube is the same length on both ends as the first piece.
8. Lay the pieces so they make a rectangle. The tape will overlap in the inner corners.
9. Take strips of tape that are a little smaller than the rectangle and lay them sticky side up and overlap them longwise. You want enough strips so when you place the rectangle on top, they fill the open space in the center of the rectangle.
10. Lay the rectangle, sticky side up, on top of the strips so the center is covered.
11. Take the next tube and cut one end flat.
12. Lay the tube diagonally across the rectangle with the flat end inside the corner, where the wrapped tube is bent. Mark where the other end sits at the opposite corner and cut flat. You want to tuck this tube inside of the rectangle from bent corner to bent corner. This will give the bottom support.
13. Lay the left over piece of the tube, diagonally, in an empty corner and mark where it meets the crossing tube. Cut the tube diagonally so it will lay flush with the center tube and tuck it in place.
14. Cut the 4th tube end flat and repeat the last step for the remaining corner.
15. Cover the sticky side of this piece with colored duct tape.
16. Make 3 more tubes and use the left over piece of tube where ever necessary. Repeat steps 2 - 15 to make the box top. Make sure tubes are the same size as for the box bottom.
This is a really cute idea, nicely done!
Thank you. I also have an Instructable for Duct Tape Kelly doll Clothes coming soon.

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