Step 4: Horn Mounts

Now Make two tiara shaped pieces of cardboard, break the backing, form it into a circle and tape the ends together. Make sure that the horns can fit into these beforehand! if you cant determine that, come back to this step after you make the horns.

Now hot glue both of them to the upper sides of the dome, make sure they're level and strait, i recommend gluing them on with a little bit of glue (so you can pull it of easily if you mess up) until they're alined strait, then add more.
<p>I made it! sorry i can't provide pictures</p>
Got there in the end!
<p>Nates, I made a disc which I'm going to tape either inside or out to hold it all in place before glueing. I'm making an Iron Age helmet for my 7 year olds school project and using this helmet as a template as I'm not sure if I can do the horns yet.</p>
<p>Also I don't quite understand the measuring part?</p>
<p>I'm having problems with the dome and hot gluing it together any suggestions?</p>
<p>nicely done man! try doing Bane's mask!!</p>
Awesome! Took a while to make, but the end result was pretty epic! (Made cardboard horns)
awesome <br>
Awesome! that looks fantastic!
I followed your tutorial but did some modifications. The horns were made with pepakura on normal paper, rings made of cardboard, yarn and plaster tape. I will be using it on carnival here in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks.
You're welcome.
dude this is so awesome, <br>like the best carboard skyrim iron helmet I <br>ever see. <br> <br>Good job!
Thanks! :D
Nice! First one I've seen that can be made for under $5! While it doesn't look as fancy and realistic as some of the fiberglass ones, anyone can give kids tape, card and styrofoam and not worry about them gluing themselves to the ceiling. Good work!
Seems legit.

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