Picture of Duct Tape Case / Skin For The New Ipod Nano
Just bought a new Ipod Nano? Cool huh? Now you are broke? Yeah figured. Want to protect your investment from harm? Cheaply? Thought so. Read on Ipod lovers. Oooh yah this my entry for the Universal Laser Cutter Contest, and the Homemade Holidays Contest so if you like it, rate me +, then tell your friends to rate me +, then tell your family to rate me +, then go on TV and say to rate me +....
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Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

Picture of Stuff You Will Need
Materials needed are easily gathered throughout your habitat:
Duct tape, 1 or more colors
Xacto knife
Clear plastic linens bag, the type sheets and stuff come in, or plastic freezer bag, needs to be clear enough you can see your screen through it.
Work surface
Wax or Freezer paper

Gather materials.

Making Front:
Use your knife to carefully trace outline of Ipod onto a piece of the bag, this will be you screen/ front cover.
Once traced cut out front with scissors.

Step 2: 2, Dimensions and duct tape

Picture of 2, Dimensions and duct tape
Now tis time to cut the tape and make the back.

Peel off 2 strips of duct tape that are longer than the Ipod is wide.
Tape strips front to back to make a square of material that is larger than 6.8cm X 8.2cm, see picture notes.

Then cut tape material so that it is 6.8cm X 8.2cm.

Stick about .75 centimeter of the clear plastic front onto a narrow edge of the tape, try to keep it all strait. At this point it is a good idea to work on a piece of wax or butcher paper to prevent sticking.

Flip tape/front assembly over so sticky side is down, (USE BUTCHER PAPER!) and lay Ipod on top.

Fold up long sides of tape, and press front down on top, see picture.
TSC5 years ago
bad bad look at my
gymnast4995 years ago

I think that this is a very cool idea. I haven't tried it yet. My only concern is that it wouldn't come off. how would you take it off

KentsOkay (author)  gymnast4995 years ago
 Its not physically taped to the ipod
abadfart5 years ago
i used left over laminate from school for the front
foxtrot46976 years ago
some people might be wondering why there is a bite out of Apples apple. i did it! i bit that part out of the apple!!! MHUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA!!!!!!!
belgin fish6 years ago
no, you make it so the sticky part isnt tuching the ipod like fold it together etc
when u put duct tape on it. say u wanna take it off. wont it leave that sticvky bit behind. u no when tape is strong and when u pull it off the sticky bit is still sticky on the thing u pu tit on!
egreen7677 years ago
Sweet! I've got to make one of these for my zune (even though i already have a case) great idea!
They have cases for zunes? Where'd you get one?
I got mine from they seem to have the best deals.
KentsOkay (author)  egreen7677 years ago
this would go great with my instructable for this Ipod.
i loved this idea!!!! I made one and took a picture so i can post it in a lil' while! :) thank you!!!
smithy8137 years ago
you could line it w/ wax paper, or foil, or something to keep the glue off the ipod
Notbob7 years ago
I made one for my sansa e250. (mine is pitiful.... i blame it on cheap duck tape)
KentsOkay (author)  Notbob7 years ago
Hmm not bad, coulda tried for better cut holes LOL.
Were did you get you instructable man?
Say again?
Your icon were did you get it?
Whatsisface made it.
(removed by author or community request)
Cool idea, rabbit fur. Yes it is
(removed by author or community request)
College :p
Saby Waby7 years ago
a better alternative would be to use duct tape fabric wont hurt unless u like light it on fire here is were you can get it
the case looks kind of strange.. still good instructable.
KentsOkay (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
lawizeg7 years ago
Uhh, I have the new one, but I don't necessarily think is case is that great. I mean, over time, the duct tape glue will stick on the iPod even when you remove the duct tape. So, unless you want to ruin your iPod, I don't recommend doing this. Also, here's the link to a case: righht... huuuurrr...
you could do this. but after a wile in most duct tapes, the adhesave stays on the electronic :-O.. also if your tape gets to moist it will make the adheasive stay... I learned this the hard way, i had to use cloth and rubbing alcohol for hours to take the whole stuff off. (lol it was worse cause i used industrial streingth dtp.)
KentsOkay (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
:P well I guess ill have to figure out a different tape for a permanent case, this was a temporary one I made to keep from getting it messed up while I wait for cheaper cases...