Step 3: Wrap Cardboard With Duct Tape

Wrap duct tape around the outside of the pieces of cardboard as shown in the first photo below: leave the rubber bands in place to hold the cardboard together while taping.  Next wrap duct tape around the ends to secure all pieces in place otherwise they'll pop out when your cat scratches them.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Do they REALLY USE it though? I BOUGHT one with catnip and it doesnt get touched
<p>I've bought a lot of cat toys for the various cats I've had and what I've learned is that they sometimes ignore toys for a long time and then &quot;discover&quot; them and start to play with them. Sometimes it's immediate, sometimes it takes months. All of my current cats use the cardboard scratching boards/</p>
I made this! My two cats love it! Was fun to make and fun for them to play with! Thank you!!
cool idea
Nice, I should try this.
I really like this! Our cats go through the cardboard like mad and I don't like paying for stuff I can easily make. Thank you!

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