Introduction: Duct Tape Cell Phone Cover

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A clean one of a kind look for your phone!!

Step 1: Supplies

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a small thin roll of duct tape
a cell phone

Step 2: Let's Tape!

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Start with lining up the bottom. I started at my speaker to make it easy for myself. Make sure you cut of any extra pieces of tape you don't need.

Step 3:

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Work your way up to the top of the phone. Make sure you stop and cut out things like the speaker, power button, etc. Just make a simple cut out and smooth down the rest of the tape. When your done it should look like the last pic

Step 4:

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Now time to clean up those uneven edges, start by adding a piece of tape to the front of your phone. Make sure your screen is on, you want to make sure your not cutting off your screen. remember to cut out the button and smooth down the tape. Your phone should be done

Step 5: Clean Up

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When your done and want to have a new case, simply peel off the old tape. Most of it will come of right away. If you happen to have some glue from the tape left over, just get a piece you peeled and use the sticky part to take it off. TADA!!!! Old phone back to normal :-) :-) :-)


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