I like to carry my cell phone in my pocket, but I don't want to scratch it with my keys or loose change, so I made a cover out of duct tape.

This is a simple duct tape cover for a "candy bar" style phone, like my Motorola L6 SLVR.

It has a liner to keep the phone from getting scummy from the adhesives in the duct tape and a flap on the back to protect the lens of the integrated camera.

Step 1: List of Materials.

1. Heavy Duty Duct Tape - Black
2. Scotch Tape
3. Scissors
4. Although it's not in the picture, a ruler. Not so much for measurements, but to help tuck the tape inside the case. (You'll see what I mean later.)
5. Lining material. I used the thin sheet packing foam that came in the box with a keyboard we ordered at work. You could use anything that won't scratch your phone. (Plastic bag, Tyvek envelope, etc)
6. Phone, to use as a template.
This is day 3 of my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/30-days-of-instructables-for-real-this-time/">30 day instructables personal challenge</a>, inspired by losing my cell phone for two days after it fell out of my previous, obviously too-loose, repurposed cover.&nbsp;Here's the more snug and hopefully more useful replacement, perched inside its originating duck tape roll (photographing something made of shiny black duck tape is surprisingly hard!).
awsome this is cool
Hmm, I'll have to try this but I wonder if you were to add something like a cheap money clip if you could create a belt clip for it too. I'm trying to replicate a nice Bodyglove iPhone holster I had years back for my Droid X.
:) I came across this page last year and made a grey case in Feb, 2008. Months later, I got a new phone and purple Duck tape which I molded along my phone. Case is fairly shock absorbent and strong with its layers of duck tape. It peels over time so I cut off a bit or tape a bit more. I just like being able to toss it in my bag and not worry about scratches. Some harddrive magnet fragment I'm using is a very strong magnet, and that penny's pretty much stuck to it. Used a bluetooth headset with remote player controls on its side for the longest time till I got a real media player. Protective screen from some hard packaging plastic.
Not bad. Using an X-Acto knife, you could easily trim out an area for the screen, keys, camera, speaker, and microphone. Then you could have a permanent case, so you wouldn't have to take the phone out everytime you wanted to use it.
I could do that but i would need something transparent to protect the screen otherwise I would risk scratching it. Since, I carry my phone around in my front pocket, this design works for now. Maybe I will do something like that later. Thanks for the feedback.
or you could wrap the entire phone in scotch tape...
Clear tape.. like movers tape. works perfectly. just stick two peices together and cut to size. WOOHOO but you got a gret thing right here. I drop my phone everyday, and hate scratches haha. ESPECIALLY OILY FINGERPRINT SCREENS!! GAHH!
i have always done this kind of stuff w/ducktape and umm well im way past covers
Oh I realize that. Just purchase a screen protector, that attaches directly to your phone. Or just any piece of cheap plastic can be used (ziplok bag, plastic from something you bought, etc.)
darn it i have a juke so it won't work
duh... a juke is a "candy-bar" style...
is that a motorola c 370? Cool instructable -sk8erdude
No, he clearly stated it was a Motorola L6 SLVR.
Nice Instructable!!!
DUDE!!! i just made mine!!!!! instead for my cell phone thou cuz i dont care if that gets scratched its a old peice of c$#p and kind of is scratched to hell....but instead ive been lookin for a cheap cover for my gameboy micro!!! cuz that thing i found in a hotel <sup>-</sup> lucky me and now i have a new one thats fairly in good condition and i wanna keep it that way.<br/>(need to buy more games for it thou :( cuz i found it with one game in it...the ones u get when u buy the damn thing and ive beat it already) so sweet man! maybe when i get that new ipod i'll make a cover for it outa this :D AWSOME INSTUCTABLES!!!!!! VERY USEFUL MAN!!!! shoulda entered the office contest here and you totally woulda won :D enyway sweet dude!<br/>
i used this idea for my guitar tuners, cell phone, my remotes, and anything small enough to make it with. Great idea.
nice idea for a quick soft-cover. Good idea for the "working guy" who tends to just toss his cell wherever... you'll probably never be able to "use" the phone in that... but that's what bluetooth headsets are made for :-) but you MAY want the screen visible, like uzerzero said... so here's my 2 cents figure out where the window will be, and cut the opening in the foam...now, tape a piece of hard/flexible plastic on the outside of the foam... the plastic packaging you phone came in, if you still have it, would do wonderfully. Now, tape everything , leaving the window not-covered. Since it was taped to the foam before assembly, it's not gonna go anywhere...and since it's on the outside of the foam, it won't contact the screen, to even have a chance of scratching it.
Nice Instructable. I was thinking about posting something similar.

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