Picture of Duct Tape Chain
How to make a cool duct tape chain complete with dollar sign.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
You will need a pair of scissors or a knife, some duct tape, and some cardboard.

Step 2: Draw Dollar Sign

Picture of Draw Dollar Sign
Draw the dollar sign. First, use pencil to draw the shape. Then use a sharpie to outline it. Cut it out, making sure the edges are clean.

Step 3: Duct Tape Dollar Sign

Picture of Duct Tape Dollar Sign
Duct tape the dollar sign. Coat both sides of the dollar sign with duct tape. Then use scissors, or even better, a knife to cut the excess tape off. After you do this, cut a tiny hole in the sign (shown in picture).

Step 4: Create the Chain

Picture of Create the Chain

Take a piece of duct tape long enough to get over your head and hang a little bit and roll it up. You want to roll it up as tight as you can, or at least so it can fit through the hole that you made in the dollar sign.

Step 5: Connect Pieces

Picture of Connect Pieces
Slip chain through the hole in the dollar sign. Tape the ends of the chain together. You're done! Go show off your bling to your friends.  
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