Everyone has heard of duct tape wallets. Some people make pursed, tote bags, even tuxedos! I found a really simple method for making duct tape clothing. I was going to use it to make s duct tape coat, but i don't have a job. So I couldn't afford a lot of duct tape (Don't criticize me for being unemployed. I'm 16 in a town with a crappy economy.). So it turned out as a vest. Still awesome though.

This would make a great Halloween costume as By the way. It's not that scary, but "Duct-Tape Man" would be awesome!
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Step 1: The Fabric

My technique is simple. Make a crap-load of duct tape "fabric", cut it out according to a pattern, and tape it together. It works quite well, but I ran out of tape before I could make enough for the sleeves. So I now have a duct tape vest. Still awesome though.

The easiest way to make this fabric is to first make a wooden frame. It has to be at least big enough to fit the biggest piece of the pattern you've chosen. My frame could have been better. When you have this frame, put duct tape across it over and over again until you have a sheet. After that, turn it over and repeat. It takes a while, and you'll need a few, but it is still an efficient method to make the fabric.

horselove363 years ago
Awesome! I have made a prom dress and have a few suggestions. First, if you have the money, you can buy fabric too. Once you have made one side of a sheet, back it with fabric. Much more comfortable. You don't need a frame to make a sheet, if you have steady hands. Simply lay the tape on the floor sticky side up, then press fabric over it. This enables you to make bigger sheets. Also, if you have the money and a second tee shirt, you can make a body-cast. Put on the tee shirt and wrap your entire torso, mid-thighs to a bit up your neck. cut up the back of your cast. Now, tape it back together, fill with stuffing, and presto! a body-cast to make sure your fit is right. Last suggestion is that there is a brand of tape called Duck tape, and they make every color of the rainbow, plus zebra print, leopard print, flames, camo, reflective, patterns, etc. You can really go crazy!
P.S. my dress took about 15 hours to complete.
imshanedulong (author)  horselove363 years ago
I like the idea of backing it in fabric! It would be a lot cheaper. The only problem with brand name duct tape is it's expensive. I'm kinda cheap. I actually already thought of the body cast but like i said I ran out of tape. I was going to include it. and the reason I used the frame is to avoid mishaps, which waist tape, which costs money. Thanks!
No problem. There is a store near me called Style and Grace that might start selling my colored woven purses. Duct tape is such an unusual thing, people want to buy creations. My friends and family also bought, and I've made a few hundred dollars. It's really worth a shot, if you have time.

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