Picture of Duct Tape Coin Holder
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Step 1: Things You Will Need

Picture of Things You Will Need
• scissors
•Duct tape (1 or 2 rolls; if you want different colors)
• A duct tape bow (Optional)

Step 2: Making The Structure

Picture of Making The Structure
•First cut your duct tape into 5 strips, 10" length wise. ((It's ok if they're not perfect you can just cut the sides that are messed up off))

•Then on the sticky side up you take all 6 strips of duct tape and you put them on top of each other, *STILL STICKY SIDE* of each other ( as shown in the picture)

Step 3: Making The Base

Picture of Making The Base
•Once you have all your rectangles sorta on top of each other, Get more 10 inch rectangles and put them on top of the ones you just made, (This time the "pretty" side up)

•Cut off all ends if necessary to make it even with the other sides

Step 4: The Folding begins

Picture of The Folding begins
13, 7:02 PM.jpg
• Take you duct tape and fold it in half ("Hamburger Style") and crease it till you have it perfectly secure

Step 5: Putting The Sides On

Picture of Putting The Sides On
13, 7:02 PM.jpg
13, 7:02 PM.jpg
13, 7:02 PM.jpg
• Take about 3 inch duct tape strip and tear it in half (If you want To)

•As your duct tape is folder your going to want to take the sides (Left and right) and put the duct tape on the sides and flatten it where there is no place where it can get out except the top, {{**If you're confused just look at the picture and hopefully it will help**}}

Step 6: ~ Bring The Bows ~

Picture of ~ Bring The Bows ~
13, 7:02 PM.jpg
13, 7:02 PM.jpg
•Ok this is optional but if you totally adore bows like me this is perfect for your coin holder

• Take your bow that you already have made, (If you don't know how to make a bow that will be Step 7 so don't worry)

• Place the bow where you want it to be on your coin holder... I prefer the middle but it's whatever.

• Next you will just take the bow and just run some duct tape over the very middle and... P.. easy right?!