Duct Tape Cuff





Introduction: Duct Tape Cuff

hey guys. I'm going to show you how to make a duct tape cuff. you will need duct tape, scissors, and spray paint (optional). I hope you like it. if you have any comments or recommendations for my next instructable leave a comment. ok, lets get started.

Step 1: Wrap, Wrap, Wrap

first get your duct out and start wrapping your wrist, make sure the tape is sticky side up. then wrap a second time sticky side down. make sure you leave some room to cut it off.

Step 2: Cut It Off

next cut off the cuff. I found kitchen scissors work best.

Step 3: Spray Paint

if you don't have spray paint you can skip this. now all you have to do is spray the cuff any color.

Step 4: All Finished

now your finished. to keep it on just put a little piece of duct tape on the bottom so it will stay on. Enjoy!



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    You put a little piece of duct tape on it

    How do you get it to stay on? How you said it would doesn't really make sence.

    if anyone has any questions, ask and I will get back