Duct Tape Dog Panniers





Introduction: Duct Tape Dog Panniers

Tired of carrying around baggies for poop, baggies of poop, leashes or food? Make some of these snazzy Duct Tape Dog Panniers, and have your four legged friend carry their own things. And if your really lazy, you can throw a bunch of your junk in there too. Keys, cell phone, peanut butter sandwich, rocks, whatever you want.



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    Everyone: tap on each photo. Then tap again. You will see directions.

    great design and idea, for and upgrade ive seen some hardbags to carry more weight for very anxious dogs

    That's awesome! Can't wait to make one for my dog. Thanks!

    What a beautiful dog. How old is she and what breed?

    The panniers look nice but I wouldn't over load them. Even when I see a mule loaded up, I feel sorry for them. lol.....women!

    I'm sure she'll get used to the width adjustment and be proud she can help out.:)

    The guideline for service dogs is a maximum of 10% of their weight once their growth plates have fused. Medium to large dogs mature between 24 and 30 months of age, small dogs mature earlier and giant dogs later. X-rays can verify the growth plates have fused.

    How do you get the flaps to hold the top closed? And by the way this is AMAZING and I can't wait to make one for my dog! A step by step would be awesome too! Thanks for the great post!

    You could probably tape or glue two magnets, one on the "box" and the other in the flap. Remember to check the polarity before you tape them. This sould be an easy fix.

    this is awesome! i would make some for my cat, but my cat probably wont like them :P loving the 'ible it looks amazing and i might try

    This looks amazing! Rumbly is ready to go. Do you think cats would benefit from paniers as well?