A little duct tape, cardboard, tape, pingpong balls, and LEDs make a terrific oversized dragon hand puppet. Duct tape has a nice sheen for dragon scales but a little antiquing adds the proper primeval appearance.

Included is a printable pattern for this dragon.


Red, yellow, white, and black duct tape
poster board
masking tape
2 ping pong balls
acrylic black and brown paint

Light up eyes

2 - 1 watt LEDs 
1 - LM317T voltage regulator
1 - 4 ohm 1/2 watt resistor
wire, blank PCB, case, 9V battery, switch, RTV cement

Step 1: Cardboard Mouth

Download and print out the patterns. They are laid out on a 2 inch grid so you can tape them together and cut them out.

Layout, cut and fold the inside mouth from sheet 5.
That is sweet! The painted really helps with the overall effect :)

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