Picture of Duct Tape Dragon Skin
Make Duct Tape Dragon Skin to put on any thing.
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Step 1: Make Scales

Picture of Make Scales
photo-2013-04-27 2:49 PM.jpg
photo-2013-04-27 2:49 PM.jpg
photo-2013-04-27 2:49 PM.jpg
Cut a square piece of Duct Tape, fold it diagonally but leave 1/8 inch of the sticky side uncovered. Then fold one corner to the other, as show in pictures. That is one scale.

Step 2: Make Dragon Skin

Picture of Make Dragon Skin
Stick the scales onto what ever you want to be covered in dragon scales, I did a quiver for my bow & arrow. The quiver used about 200 scales to cover completely. Got the idea from here Have fun making whatever you want out of dragon skin. Feel free to comment :)
BikeHacker2 months ago


Indestructibility Man (author) 9 months ago
srohwer9 months ago
Thank you. I'm making quiver (based on another 'ible) for my daughter who's dragon crazy. I found a duct tape patterned in snake skin and I'm using that. It's gonna be awesome.
Indestructibility Man (author) 10 months ago
aqua 1210 months ago
Indestructibility Man (author) 11 months ago
Yup it probably will :) upload a pic when done!
funnydan11 months ago
Awesome! It look's like it'll make a cool sword handle.

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