Make Duct Tape Dragon Skin to put on any thing.

Step 1: Make Scales

Cut a square piece of Duct Tape, fold it diagonally but leave 1/8 inch of the sticky side uncovered. Then fold one corner to the other, as show in pictures. That is one scale.

Step 2: Make Dragon Skin

Stick the scales onto what ever you want to be covered in dragon scales, I did a quiver for my bow & arrow. The quiver used about 200 scales to cover completely. Got the idea from here https://m.instructables.com/id/Removable-Dragon-Skin-Bottle-Cozy-from-Duck-Tape/ Have fun making whatever you want out of dragon skin. Feel free to comment :)
That's actually where I got the idea from
<p>this technique would be much better used to make like a cover for a wine bottle, like a cozy or something</p>
Thank you. I'm making quiver (based on another 'ible) for my daughter who's dragon crazy. I found a duct tape patterned in snake skin and I'm using that. It's gonna be awesome.
Yup it probably will :) upload a pic when done!
Awesome! It look's like it'll make a cool sword handle.

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