How to make a duct-tape dressform. Cheap and easy, as long as you have a willing friend to go along with it.

Step 1: Why the hell not buy a dress form?

Well, some people would like to make their own fitted clothing without having to pay so much for a dressform. Also, some of us gain a few pounds here, lose a few pounds here, so buying a dressform for a bunch of money when it's not going to reflect our measurements in 6 months just doesn't make any sense!
Besides.. It's duct tap.


Hey, just wanted to let you know I've referenced your instructable from mine: <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Carol-from-Where-the-wild-things-areMovie-Co/">www.instructables.com/id/Carol-from-Where-the-wild-things-areMovie-Co/</a>&nbsp;<br /> thanks a lot!
I made one for my wife's lower torso (to make pants) using the black Gorilla tape as it's thicker and stiffer. The form still wasn't as stiff as we liked. Nor was it shaped or sized right...it was a bit big due to the thickness of the tape. To fix both these problems I filled it with the self-expanding foam you can get at the hardware store and then I removed the duct tape "mold". The duct tape came off perfect due to the tissue paper we had wrapped around her before we laid down the duct tape. I then stuck a broom handle into it and mounted it to the ceiling. We then put two pairs of thick tights on it and voila!...a pant form that we didn't have to spend $300 for. Probably around $40. If anyone wants pictures I can post them.
when i saw this i looked like a good idea well since im a guy i plan to make a t-shirt instead (i dont think people would enjoy seeing me in a dress)
I've made duct tape dress forms for few of my friends and I stuff mine with plastic bags. I always have plenty of them laying around and then I don't have to pay for anything else.
lol, this is such a great instructable! I think i'll make a super cool Michael Jackson-type jacket out of duct tape. Then maybe a super duper awesome white glove to go with it! THANKS
well my friend was dumb and read the instructions until the taping part and he jus read the title there and wrapped me like a mummy then went away just jk
Lol boobs squished down lol This looks nice, you should try to make more colorful ones, I have made a tux and it looks real real cool. Switch to color :D
I have had this sort of project on my to-do list for some time. I've read that bandage scissors are a good choice for cutting one out of the shell. They're designed for cutting close to the skin with less risk of going through the skin.... Also, if the goal is to have a reasonably accurate replica of one's body, you probably want to wear a well-fitting bra, similar to what you normally wear. Otherwise "the girls" will be in the wrong place and the fit will be off. Another tip I've read is to establish the bust first by taping around the rib cage just under the breasts (where the bra band goes). Then "cross your heart" with tape criss-crossing between breasts and then around breasts. Another thing that is pretty key is to mark your bust line, waistline, hip line, center front, and center back (minimally) before removing the form. Sharpies are good for this. You might also want to mark any other parts that are an issue with fitting (prominent shoulder blades, bust points, hip bones, etc.) One last thing I've read: when stuffing the form, if you are a well-endowed sort, bra cups make good liners for the inside of the form at the breasts. They help keep the form from getting smashed in. Good job with the instructable!
I made this killer dressform with the help of a friend and then filled it with expandable foam as suggested; however, the foam expanded sideways making the dressform rather distended (and leaky at the bottom). Maybe it works better to add the foam in stages, letting each layer dry before adding another. Next time I'll try it that way, or else use regular cotton stuffing. Very cool idea by the way - i can't wait to start using it!
Isnt this just putting duct tape on a t shirt???
Yes, but for great justice.
mortal kombat!
this is awesome i'm totally going to do it....
I must do this again. I tried it once but I wrapped the duct tape too tight and I couldn't breathe and the end result was that my boobs looked(and felt) really squished down. This time maybe I'll enlist some help rather than going at it alone. Good instructable by the way!
Thanks. That happened to me the first time I did it too. x_x Not a comfortable feeling and you can't get out of the stuff fast enough!

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