Introduction: Duct Tape Feathers

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Diy duct tape feathers!!! Duck tape feathers are awesome for packaging or even hair accessories! So let's get started

Step 1: Gather Supplies

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First your going to need choice of duct tape,scissors and wire

Step 2: Feather Time!!

Picture of Feather Time!!

So first cut the wire to desired length of your feather.

Step 3: Almost Done

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Then place wire in the center of the duct tape, fold duck tape over wire then cut the end off

Step 4: Cutting

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Ok so next you cut some duct tape off the sides of the wire then cut it into a oval shape. Now you can cut tiny pieces on the edges. And your done!! Hope you enjoyed this instruckable this is Indywave signing out.


RMP2003 (author)2017-03-20

Hey! That's pretty good!!!

NotWhatSheSeems (author)2016-08-16

Note: I made a version of this using a bent-straight paper clip as wire, and it worked :D so, you can make this using just desk supplies

CuriosityMachine (author)2015-05-19

Looks sweet!

nanaverm (author)2015-05-07

Neat idea! Using green tape and more lateral wires for veins, one could make leaves, too. Thanks for the Instructable!

Digital Flame (author)2015-05-07

A really simple yet elegant design! Brilliant!

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