Picture of Duct Tape Figures
These bendable figures are great for making stop-action movies. These are great for stop-action because they are easy to make, they hold their shape, and with magnets, they can stick to metal.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
To make these figures you will need:

Bendable wire
Duct tape (different colors if you want)
Wire cutters
Something round that is as big as you want the head to be. (I used a candle)
Strong magnets (if you want)
owen57021 year ago
Made it
14, 9:05 AM.jpg
yoyojoeco4 years ago
these are really good christmas presents
I  just made a tiny one using paper clips. It's so cute!
jacobzman5 years ago
mete hanger is bad :(
cheesefetty6 years ago
duz it work with electrick tape
yeah-not as good
sharlston6 years ago
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
punkrules6 years ago
i didn't have wire so i used paper clips. i just straightened out the paper clips and then started to make the people with that. so if you don't have wire, then paper clips work ;) and it's 3 paper clips for each person. 1 for the head, 2nd for the arms and 3rd for the legs.
SOGcamping6 years ago
Awesome 'ible cant wait to make 1... just need wire
budd426 years ago
we did this as a art project at school once, grd 4 i think
awesome!!! i wanna make 1 but were all out of wire but ill buy sum
Tvman8 years ago
COOL!!!! dude i just made mine...first one i tryed i made kinda screwy and lost it cuz i showed it to my dad and now i dont know were it is :( so i made another one cuz i was up late last nite cuz i couldnt sleep frickin looks da shit man nice instructable by the way PLZZZZZ!!!!!!!!! make a instructable on stop-motion films ive always wanted to do that i hear they take hours but i got time..just chillin for the summer D: enyway cool stuff man i might hang this sucker on my desk near my bamboo skewer crossbow pistol that i made :D enyway sweet!
bikeparts24 (author)  Tvman8 years ago
Glad you liked it. Also- there is an easy way to make stop-motion movies. Just put a video camera on a tripod. Put the object in place, then press the record button on and off as fast as you can. Then just make it frame by frame. When your done upload it on your computer as a movie. I'll post an Instructible on how to make it the hard way soon. -Bikeparts
there is an easier way. move the object litle by litle and take a picture for every frame. then upload them to your computer and put them in order in windows movie maker. i should know, ive made over 30 lego animations with my cousin this way.
cool thanks man
Rawring4Fun6 years ago
I love this. I made one, and named it Mac.
chaoszerom6 years ago
There is a way to make things like these with pipe cleaners which I was shown in Grade 5. I'll post an Instructable on them when I find some pipe cleaners. The pipe cleaner men are quite strong, contrary to belief, although after a lot of wear, parts fall off.
amakerguy6 years ago
Sweet i just need some wire.
stich9007 years ago
this is nice. i cant wait to make very own mini dude.
CapnTac7 years ago
Instead of wire, could you use pipe cleaners?
bikeparts24 (author)  CapnTac7 years ago
I suppose, yes, but it might not be nearly as strong as the wire is, so it won't be able to hold its shape as much. Worth a try, though.
Spectrace8 years ago
another thing is get green duct tape and put on the head and you can make faces in the movie with green screen effects. Great instrucable.
bikeparts24 (author)  Spectrace8 years ago
Hmm... good idea I might try that
Koontay8 years ago
wow. These are sorta like the "Make your own Bendy Toy" guys, except in color! You should do something for the feets though.
Can you post a stop-action movie?
bikeparts24 (author)  T3Hprogrammer8 years ago
I am working on one now, and I will post it when I'm done!
okay so this is actually one amazing instructable. -runs to the ducttape-
bikeparts24 (author)  punkrunner2048 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
An alternative approach is to dip the wire in paint / varnish. If you can create a film the covers the hole in the head you can get a nice effect. L