Step 5: Light It on Fire

If you don't have a flame source, then spark the char cloth and blow on it until it ignites.

If you have a flame source, then light a little bit of the duct tape.
You could also use steel wool and a 9V battery as a fire starter.
However, that will stay lit for what? 15 seconds, not even close to this staying lit for 7 minutes. Also, some people may only have duct tape, lint, and cloth from a t-shirt or something. I would say that most people don't happen to pack a 9 volt and a battery.<br><br>This was a fire starter created out of common items that you may have packed. I usually always have dryer lint and duct tape in my pack.
There was a day when I would t have a battery... But anymore I have my solar panel charger and 4 spare batteries in my emergency pack. Times have changed... Still no dryer lint though.
<p>Who in their right mind packs dryer lint. You people are gonna die in the woods.</p>
What is the blue stuff wrapped in the Final photo? Would seem to need something to protect the fragile charcloth. Good writeup. <br>

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