I love my flash drives, but I drop and lose them a lot. A duct tape sleeve makes your memory stick unique, eye-catching, and a bit more floor-resistant.

Note: I've only made these for flash drives that open with a slider. The concept probably works for other kinds but would need tweaking.

Time: 15 minutes.

flash drive
duct tape

Step 1: Base Layer

Start by making a two-sided square of duct tape a bit bigger than the surface area of the flash drive, maybe the size of the wrapping paper you would use to wrap the drive in. Try to leave as few wrinkles as possible. This just takes practice.
Cool im doing this for my flash drives! Im gonna modify it a little bit for my other flash drive because it opens from the side. Good job!
Thanks! Glad you like it!
good job! I did this same sort of thing except mine was broken in half and the duct tape is camo!
Nice. :) I love camo duct tape.

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