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Introduction: Duct Tape Flip Flops

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Flip flops are fun and easy to wear, and even more so when made out of duct tape!

All you'll need is duct tape, a pair of flip flops, scissors,a pen, and a template of your flip flop.

To make this just trace your flip flops on some cardboard and cut the shapes out.

For this project, it would look a lot prettier if I had used colored duct tape, but I lost my purple duct tape and I'm too lazy to buy more.
This is my first project, and i hope you like it!

Step 1: Lots of Duct Tape

Cover one template with duct tape. Front and back. Don't skimp on this, unless you want crappy flip flops! It should look like a big rectangle. Then trim the edges so it actually looks like a shoe again. Step on this with the right (correct) foot and mark the spot in between your big toe and the other one next to it with the pen.

Step 2: The Tab Thingy

*****Warning***** This part can be tricky of you don't look at the pictures. Look at them!

Measure the height of your big toe and add 1/4 inch to that height. Then multiply that number by four. Cut a half strip of duct tape that length. Then make a tab with it- see the first picture. Line up the fold on the bottom with the mark you make and tape it to the base! Try it on to see if it's comfortable.

Making the straps is a very inaccurate process.

To make the straps, Make a Strip out of duct tape by folding a long piece of duct tape in half. Then put your foot on the shoe-pad with the tab between your toes and tape the strip and tape it to the tab, curve over your foot, and tape it to the bottom of the pad. Then cut a half strip of duct tape and secure the inside of the strap with the pad. (see picture) Repeat with the other strap. Then place a half strip of duct tape over the 'valley' made by the two straps. (see the picture)

Step 3: Repeat & Decorate!

Repeat with the other flip flop! Easy.

Then you can decorate with anything you want- ribbon, yarn, other duct tape, etc. I didn't want to decorate with anything. But you can, or not, whatever.

Thank you for reading my instructable!



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    is it durable? can we use it in wet area as in bathroom?

    most flip-flops have a 1/2-1" pad on the bottom. these ones are paper thin. what can you use that would actually feel like flip-flops?

    yes, you can also make hats, vests and all sorts of crap. search "duct tape"

    hats are hard you can really only make hats that sit on your heard like a top hat or a large baseball hat.

    and the one behind it is another hat and the one behind that is another hat. The only reason why I only have this one hat is because its for my friend and I wanted to show her the hat.

    that hat is one of the few types of hats i said you can make

    Oh sorry well I think any hat can be doable

    ive tried to make hats like a winter knit hat but because duct ape doesn't stretch it is impossible. like actually. (for certain types of hats)

    Oh you could probly do the hat your talking about my weaving the duct tape just It will not be stretchy and will easily fall of.

    Well there could be possible ways to make it by using multiple rubber bands in a certain pattern

    Use painters tape! It's kinda stretchy! :) Maybe that will work!

    That blue tape?
    Maybe a litlle. It is kinda stretchy,

    if you do post a picture please :)

    yes u can. 1 time i made underwer w/ duk tap but the didnt fit