Introduction: Duct Tape Flower Pen

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Step 1: Gather All Materials

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Things you will need: - Duck Brand Duct Tape (any other brand works too) - Pen (any color works) - X-Acto Knife (optional, good for clean cuts, scissors also work well)

Step 2: Create the Stem of the Flower

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- Take your pen and cover it in tape (lengthwise works the best). This step is completed best if you roll the pen across the tape, sticky-side up. - Also, if you want a colored center, place a 1 inch piece of tape around the top so it flat, this way you will have a better looking flower

Step 3: Create the Petals of the Flower

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- To make your petals, cut several strips of 2-inch long duct tape squares.

Step 4: Folding the Petals

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- Fold one edge over itself sticky side up, leaving some stickiness exposed on the side and bottom.

Step 5: Folding the Petals, Continued

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- Take the other edge and fold it over, leaving only stickiness on the bottom of the strip.

Step 6: Placing the Petals on the Stem

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- Wrap the petal tightly around the top of the stem.

Step 7: Adding More Petals

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- Repeating Steps 2-5 with additional strips of duct tape, wrapping the petals around the top. Continue until you've reached the desired size.


-moonglade (author)2016-08-27

Amazing! I love making things with duct tape!! :)

awesomness2002 (author)2013-08-28

Cool can u make me one

Cindy02 (author)2013-07-23


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