Picture of Duct Tape Flower
In this Instructable, we'll be showing you how  to make a modular  duct tape flower. Depending on how large you want it and how much work you're will put in to it, it can be anything from 5 to 100, which is what's in the picture, to even 1,000 petals!

Step 1: Making the Stem

Picture of Making the Stem
Take a piece of duct tape the color you want the stem to be, then roll it up or mold it around a pipe cleaner.
savvychick2 years ago
this is so cool!!!!!!!!!! I have made like 100 of them!!!!!!!!! Thanks sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!
jesika524 years ago
why would you show with a piece of white duct tape? LOL I;m just saying.
protapers (author)  jesika524 years ago
we were short on duct tape when we took the pics. after that we went to the store to pick up some more.