This instructable shows you how to make a game board for chess, draughts (checkers in American) and backgammon from duct tape.

Step 1: Bin Bag Foundation

As a foundation for the board cut a black bin liner up so that you have a square of plastic at least 12 times the width of your duct tape (60cm in my case).

Duct tape the plastic to your work bench so that it is lightly tensioned.

Then stretch alternate colour strips of duct tape across the plastic as shown in the photo.

Make sure that the edges of the tape are as close as possible without overlapping.
It seems like the next obvious step would be to make playing pieces out of duct tape, perhaps a long strip coiled into a disc.
Awsome 5\5
this is amazing!! how did you only get 3 stars? i rated it a five!!
Bravo. Finally something original. ENOUGH WITH THE DUCT TAPE WALLETS.
Cool!! Handy Man's secret weapon (Mr. Red Green) I like that you included Backgammon. I've wanted to make something like this so maybe this is my incentive.
i can't believe i haven't thought of this already! this is a great idea! and great for taking with you for traveling (roll it up). you should try making an instructable to make your own pieces! and maybe put magnets in them, the board so you can play in the car/ anywhere else.
Thats a great idea; I might make one. (scrolling over the last step hurts my eyes!)
Great Idea!
> It doesn't seem to matter if you start with the lighter colour on the right of the bar > or on the left. If you know differently then please let me know though. I know! It doesn't matter, because you can turn it around 180 degrees! Heh. Great instructable! Thanks!
Thanks for the comment. Since the triangles are alternate colours across the board, if you turn it around 180 degrees then you'll find the same colour on the right of the bar on your side. Have a closer look at the picture...
Great. FYI, don't upload all your pictures at the start and leave them there, upload then remove and move on.
Thanks for pointing that out, it wasn't intentional. I've removed all but one of the photos from the intro.
Peter, go a little easier on people :) Slamdunk, this is really a great project, but why no Czechers?
I'm honestly just trying to help.
Gotcha. I partially misread your post with a more sarcastic Great.
Brilliant, is all I can say. I know of a few children's play groups who would love this type of thing. Keep it up

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