So, there I was...
It was the day before the Christmas gift exchange and I completely forgot all about it. Good thing I knew exactly what kinda guy I had. So I went to the local Target and got him his favorite Playing cards, MAGIC. Upon my arrival home, i realized i didn't have any gift wrap, using it all the previous week. I had to think quick and the only thing i could find was my infinite amount of duct tape shoved in my closet.
The final product actually surprised me and I figured that this would be a great idea for those people just like me. So here you go...

Duct Tape Gift Wrapping

P.S. It's also a great way to Waterproof something, so don't worry about your gift getting water damage.

another P.S. If you think wrapping the gift is fun, just watch your friends make a fool of themselves trying to unwrap it. It's Killer!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Duct Tape gift wrapping isn't that hard, actually fairly easy. Wrapping these cards only took me 20-25 minutes including me taking the photos. But What you will need is simple.

Gift you wish to wrap
A pair of scissors(Optional, but these are very useful when getting rid of pesky bits of tape that stick out)
A plastic shopping bag(Also optional, it just depends on how big your gift is)
And all the colored duct tape you wish to have(I used Red and Black)
If you only have one layer you could add a "tear here" thing like on those cheese disks that would be awesome.
Talking about husbands.&nbsp; Duct Tape is a life saver in anyhousehold. &nbsp;And it comes in different colours too.&nbsp;I&nbsp;love the idea. &nbsp;I am debating to use it this year towrap my husbands gifts. &nbsp;That would be so funny under the christmastree where we always keep the gifts until its time. Have you startedwith the Christmas gift hunt yet?<br />
Too funny! This is something my husband can do! When I told him about it, he got excited, and he's no geek! Great idea! Thanks!

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