Picture of Duct Tape Gloves
My duct tape gloves are made by coating your hand with the non-sticky side facing out (away from your hand) and coating it again with sticky side in.ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE DONE WITH THE GLOVE ON YOUR HAND.which may take some skill, experience, or an assistant since you will only be able to use one hand.

Step 1: Wrist

Picture of Wrist
starting with the wrist, wrap the duct tape around your wrist with sticky side out and crossing between your thumb and forefinger so that the tape connects with the wrist tape on each side. how easily you want the gloves to come off determines the length of the glove
Mattvoda2 years ago
These things look awesome! Can't wait to try it! Let you know how it goes!
bendog383 years ago
These are very nice! They would appear to be sturdy, yet flexible. I have been looking for well made instructions for duct tape gloves for a few years now. and I have finally found them! Thank you! You have inspired this weekend's project!

Davey0134 years ago
Interesting although I think they would be more comfortable fingerless. Although this is just my opinion
fatboysoccer (author)  Davey0134 years ago
i have pictures of 3/4 fingerless ones