This Instructable is going to tell you how to make an awesome looking faceplate for guitar hero 3, using duct tape. If you want to keep your original faceplate, than you will have to buy a new one to put duct tape on.

Step 1: Materials

Duct Tape
Guitar Hero Les Paul Controller (Any Console)
Exacto Knife (Optional)
if ur a college student u can get duck tape with ur college sports logo, or a cute embelishment is these duck tape flowers i saw on a prom dress in the issue for March of Seventeen magazine. speaking of which, does anyone know how to make that duck tape prom dress or the tux?
cant we use cardboard or ply wood to make a face plate(trace the shape of the faceplate on to cardboard or wood)? yea use cardboard as a base for the tape, or make one with wood, sand it smooth, paint and add protective coat or just put varnish! Duck brand duct tape has lots of colors and designs, i might do one in a zebra print, or maybe just make it alternating between hot pink and black. ooooo, or make it out of plexiglass so u can see through it!!!!!!!!!!
not much of an ible, man. you could of gotten different colors and make a design or something on it.
My first 'ible!

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