Picture of Duct Tape Hammock
Make a Hammock out of Duct Tape and every household materials in 3 Easy steps:

Step 1: Woodworks (Preparing the wooden rods)
Step 2: Duct Tape Heaven
Step 3: Rope it up

2 wooden rods (Broom or mop will do)
Duct Tape : 50m

Drilling machine 
6 mm drill
Good mood :)

Step 1:

Picture of
Step 1: WoodWorkds

1.Take 2 wooden rods(20 mm Diameter). I took my old Broom and mop.
2.Saw the rods to get 90 cm length.
3. Drill two 6 mm holes at 30 mm from each end of each rod. (The hole diameter depends on the diameter of the rope you will use)
4. Recommended tip - polish the preccessed area of the wood to avoid splinters.

seansippo3 years ago
so i was getting this idea when watching mythbusters : P i am not gonna make one now cause its to cold at least to put outside.............was thinking thou would maybe using tape instead of rope work? and are the rods really necessary?

hm i wonder if i could make a good looking jacket out of duct tape................
DarthCaniac4 years ago
Hey, I finally finished making one like yours! Here is my final finished product, and video!
tinker2344 years ago
could i use steel pipe and goralla tape and add a cloth cover
sitzikbs (author)  tinker2344 years ago
sounds like it should worl. the steel pipe sounds even better than the wood (it will add significant weight. And gorilla duct tapes are good but make sure to take one that is durable enough. Cloth cover sounds good as well. i would love to see it when your done :)
hey also could i use goralla duck tape and reqular duck tape
sitzikbs (author)  tinker2344 years ago
I Personally didnt use a special duct tape, just a regular one. but i recommend for you to test its strength before applying your wieght on it.
joehudy4 years ago
i just hade this idea last night. why does this alwas hapin its not fair.
sitzikbs (author)  joehudy4 years ago
haha, we live in a world that most times someone thought about it before us. but its ok, you can try to do it better :)
Ebj84 years ago
Can i use pvc pipe instead of pieces of wood
sitzikbs (author)  Ebj84 years ago
hmmm... i dont think it will hold the load... as you can see in some of the photos' even the wood bent a little...
it should be: tie a "knot", and not a "not".
froggyman4 years ago
You made it onto http://thereifixedit.failblog.org/2010/11/02/white-trash-repairs-personally-i-would-prefer-a-higher-thread-count/


Also, I can't wait to use this at the summer camp I work at as duct tape is always seen as being the ultimate thing.
sitzikbs (author)  froggyman4 years ago
cool, thanks,
what is this website?
Its a website filled with all sorts of different "kludges" showing off peoples stupidity... I thought it was weird that if got on there though...
sitzikbs (author)  froggyman4 years ago
omg. they put it there becouse they thought it was stupid. thats insulting...
no, they put it on there because they thought it was ingenious..that portion of the site was pretty mutch labeled "epic jury rigs"
sitzikbs (author)  holland60454 years ago
hmmm.... im not sure if im insulted or flattered...
SOTILAS4 years ago
Look at that rod bending!
sitzikbs (author)  SOTILAS4 years ago
what rod bending?
step5: 2nd picture.
sitzikbs (author)  SOTILAS4 years ago
hmmm... you are correct. i didnt notice it earlier.
but it held my weight fine.
i suppose for future reference you should use a rod with a bigger diameter or different material (like aluminum for example)...
Aluminum rods (tubes) not good for this. More later if you're interested.

Basic problem:
Because all of your weight is bearing between the tiangulated ends of the rod to the center of the cord, it forces the rods to bend. If instead, each line of duct tape had a corrosponding line extending beyond the rods and were then tied together at a central point, that would eliminate most if not all of your torsional bending. Also, based on past history with duct tape, weight and time, you need to doulble your longitudinal lines (not make them double thick, make more of them). More distribution of weight equals less weight based damage to each line of tape equals longer lasting. ANd it has the added advantage of being more comfortable because of a finer mesh in your hammock.
sitzikbs (author)  gmyers21124 years ago
i understand what you say and you are correct.
However my solution works too since the bending stress is in reverse relation to the moment of inertia of this rod (the higher it is the smaller the stress). Plus, the yield strength is higher in relation to the material you choose (wood is weaker than aluminum and aluminum is weaker than steel).
yes, your hammoks works so long as you don't gain any weight or have that nice looking blond chick sit in the hammock with you, but the inherent weakness is obvious in the bend and the bend shows stress that isn't necessary. Simply by balancing that load the bend goes away and the stick will never break.

On the aluminum subject: An equal sized "rod" of aluminum would be prohibitively expensive for a duct tape project and surprisingly heavier than you'd expect; steel even more so. If you used a tube of aluminum, you'd have greater tensile strength in straight compression but the bend your picture shows in section 5 would be disastrous for a tube. A) once bent, the tube would stay mostly deformed and lateral strength would be reduced exponentially. B) at some point the bend would create a kink in the tube and the bent part would shoot through the back of the hammock rider's head with the force of his weight driving it. This tragic and horrific death can be avoided by balancing the load correctly.

sitzikbs (author)  gmyers21124 years ago
some easy stress calculations could tell us exactly the required measurments.
if you would like i can calculate what tube diameter and thickness is required to hold a 100 kg person with a safety factor of 1.5. would you like me to calculate it?

But you are right, for the common DIY guygirl, balancing the load will work fin.
I think we've probably already spent more time and effort discussing it that it warrants. If you're happy with it and you feel safe, who am I to nay say ye? I drew up a diagram of what I was talking about in terms of extended lines, etc. (though I'm certain that you grokked my intent), If you'd like to have it and or post it for your readers, I could send it to you in a pdf. Else if, cheers.

wow. i feel like i am watching an episode of big bang theory.

thanks for the intelligent banter! lol.

great and fun project!

i'm penny btw. lol.
sitzikbs (author)  binary4 years ago
LOL, and who am i ? sheldon ?
If we're choosing, I'm Leonard (most normal, doinkin Penny - formerly) or Stewart (the comic book seller)
sitzikbs (author)  gmyers21124 years ago
we cant all be leonard... i can settle for being raj, though i talk to girls fine...
people say i look like sheldon. now all i need is a flash costume. hahaha my favorite episode!
sitzikbs (author)  bballtrack344 years ago
you need a dopler effect costume :)
that would be hilarious!
or a doppler effect costume.

binary sitzikbs4 years ago
lol. no....i think you are leonard. leonard tends to look at things in another way when presented with a different idea or more efficient idea. he also admits when he might be wrong. sheldon on the other hand...
Isn't oak pretty good for this?
DarthCaniac4 years ago
You have any of that extra "good mood" laying around by any chance? If so, I'd love to borrow some!
sitzikbs (author)  DarthCaniac4 years ago
sure! ill email it.... :)
*is waiting* It didn't come yet.
sitzikbs (author)  DarthCaniac4 years ago
it takes a while to upload :)
smash101014 years ago
nice 'ible, I might make one this spring, one typo though:

"Step 4
4. Bring the ropes together (forming an isosceles triangle) and tie a not (make sure to leave enough rope for the supports."

it should read:
4. Bring the ropes together (forming an isosceles triangle) and tie a knot (make sure to leave enough rope for the supports.

you just missed the 'k'
scubaru4 years ago
Have you thought about making strips and weaving them together?
sitzikbs (author)  scubaru4 years ago
im not sure i understand what do you mean by that .
The way you have it is you have the strips taked together at the intersections, I was saying to make individual strips and weave them. It would alllow it to move and flex as you lay in it.
sitzikbs (author)  scubaru4 years ago
i understand now... it could work ... care to make an instructable? so everyone can do it too?
Well I am in college and poor, so maybe in time, haha.
sitzikbs (author)  scubaru4 years ago
ha... i knkow what you mean... (not so big on the money myself)... in time...
glorybe4 years ago
Realizing that regular duct tape decays in sunlight I ran to Home Depot and purchased a whole bunch of Gorilla Tape. Then I filed bankruptcy. Next I made the hammock but failed to cover all the sticky spots on the Gorilla tape. I now live full time hung between two trees and hope that one day someone can figure a way to get me loose from this tape without skinning me alive!
sitzikbs (author)  glorybe4 years ago
lucky you took your laptop with you :)
does the duck tape stretch after a while? because its normally rigid, but i thought if you apply enough weight...
sitzikbs (author)  ducktape.mac4 years ago
someone here stated that it does strech. However i dodnt encounter streching in my hammock. perhaps it depends which brand you use...
zukha4 years ago
OMG! a friend of mine at work did the exact same thing! :)
Great idea! hope you win!!
sitzikbs (author)  zukha4 years ago
thanks man... i bet this friend from work is some stand up guy too :)
Kryptonite4 years ago
I love it! The pictures are a bit dark, but that's not always in one's control. The end result looks great and the build is simple. Nice job!
sitzikbs (author)  Kryptonite4 years ago
thank you very much.

i have a bit of a lighting problem in m y appartment... next time i will use special lighting ...
Nice, looking forward to it!
This is very cool dude. Very, Very cool
sitzikbs (author)  rabidsquire24 years ago
Thank you very much.
dont forget to rank...
jennay7924 years ago
This is a great idea as hammocks can be very pricey! However I don't really understand step B here.

b. Wrap 6 long peices of 50mm duct tape with approximatly 50 mm of spacing between pieces (wrap back and forth and tighten together).

what is meant by 'wrap'? do I wrap it around the pole and have two layers of tape? if it's supposed to be taped to the floor do i un-tape it to wrap it?
sitzikbs (author)  jennay7924 years ago
Hi, i think you understood correctly.
since one side is adhasive and one isnt you are taping the adhasive sides to one another. yes, you will net to untape it from the floor (or gently slide it under the wooden rod without untaping it).

i think the pictures of the swing i made illustrate it a bit better. 

if you are still haveing trouble, let me know and ill be happy to help. 
dorinmouss4 years ago
That is an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing :)
clisnek4 years ago
i just made one about an hour ago, i used the "duck tape" brand and double wrapped all my tape and i weigh about 150lbs and it just snapped through the center as soon as i layed down in it and hurt my butt but its fine now
sitzikbs (author)  clisnek4 years ago
really ? ? ? im sorry to hear that... perhaps its the brand. i used one by "Tesa" i think... my weight is almost 90 kg and it carries me easily...
Wo0kiE4 years ago
kinda reminiscent of the old cargo net hammocks from my Army days...

nice idea, nicely executed... two thumbs up bro!
sitzikbs (author)  Wo0kiE4 years ago
thank you my friend...
WHAT!?!.... I'm doing this for the contest aswell!
sitzikbs (author)  oscarthompson4 years ago
Thats ok... i think.
I would love to see how yours turns out. if you think about it, you actually have the advantage of improving it... people suggested duct tape rope insted of the rope i used...
Heres Mine: http://www.instructables.com/id/Duck-Tape-Hammock/
Yeah, Its fine.. My design is actully different , I have made a 'sheet' of fabric out of the ducktape. I am using rope aswel. I will hopefully be uploading it tonight. I'll post a link.


Mythbusters is useful for learning all sorts of things, and one little tidbit of information is that duct tape stretches and doesn't return to its original size after stretching.
sitzikbs (author)  AngryRedhead4 years ago
nice to know this piece of info. Thanks.

from the experience i have had so far with my hammock, it carries my weight without streching (at liest nothing noticeable)...
mikeandre4 years ago
This is the best duct tape idea ever. I will definitely make one!
sitzikbs (author)  mikeandre4 years ago
I would love to see how it comes out. send me a link when your dun k?
jwolski4 years ago
Very groovy!
sitzikbs (author)  jwolski4 years ago
thank you very much :)
Mitemighty4 years ago
Coolest thing i have seen in the contest so far. Way to step it up.
sitzikbs (author)  Mitemighty4 years ago
thanks, i appreciate it...
bertus52x114 years ago
I like it, but hurry and make one of (seat) belts and enter the "Belt re-use contest" as well!
sitzikbs (author)  bertus52x114 years ago
Thanks :)
im trying to come up with something even better for that one...