An easy duct tape project that can be done in an evening. Last minute gift for your girlfriend perhaps?

Step 1: You Will Need: Duct Tape (either the Standard Grey, or Any Color Is Ok, Scissors, Ruler, Cardboard And...time. Don't Rush It, DT Sticks Very Well to Itself!!

Step 2: First, You'll Have to Make DT Sheets by Overlapping Them Like So.

Step 3: Cut the Sheets to Size, in This Case, 9"x7"x7". You'll Need to Make Another One...

Step 4: Now, Get That Scrap Cardboard and Cut It 3"x 9", and Wrap It in DT. This Is the Bottom.

Step 5: Once You Have All the Pieces, Tape'em Together!

Step 6: For the Carrying Strap, I Just Used Two Pieces of Blue DT With a 1/2" Yellow DT for the Strip. I Made the Strap About 20". Tape It On, and Your Girlfriend's New Handbag Is Done!!

<p>I made one but changed the design to be rounded instead of squared. It was a pain, but it turned out awesome! I now see many duck tape projects in my future. </p>
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
your duct tape handbag is very,and beautiful,but my girlfriend prefer to <a href="http://www.balenciagahandbags.org.uk/" rel="nofollow">Balenciaga handbags</a>,so,how can i do?
Thank you - it's adorable. :-)
wow,it is so cool,thanks your share...
I made one without the strap and used it to hold my magazines. ill post a pic <br>
This is the inside and outside of my bag . Avoid the messy room.
what are dt sheets
duct tape sheets or cloth
DT stands for duct tape.
how do u cut it so its 9&quot;x7&quot;x7&quot;??? do u cut the bottom 9&quot; then the sides 7&quot; then the top 7&quot;???
Saxaphones means 9&quot;(length) and 7&quot;(width). he added an extra 7 by axident.
You vould probably use the bottom of a kleenex box for this
you could just take a paper bag and cover it with DT and make the handel.
good idea <br>
Yes, but that would be the easy way out.
These are so cute im totally gonna try it:) Thanks a ton!!!
I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make a Planner out of Duct tape? Also- How do you reinforce your bags?
i've made a few DT bags and wallets. i add a flap with magnets and extra pouches.
how long are these strips? like what is the length in inches?
bassically two pieces of duct tape stuck together
great idea...crappy part is, I ran out of duct tape a few days ago, and don't have money for more right now... *sad face*
"Last minute gift for your girlfriend perhaps?" lol, you read my mind.
Make sure to reinforce the shoulder straps, for they come loose often if you use it and have heavy things in there.
man i want that i am a girl and i am going to make it today
I'm a guy and i think that it isnt half bad COOL
that's so cool!
Looks great! I'm gonna make it to...
This is cool but doesnt the glue fail eventualy?
Nope, Duct tape = all powerful. xD<br/><br/>People have claimed that they've used their duct tape wallets for 10 years and nothing's really happened to them.<br/><br/>I wouldn't know. I lost my wallet a few weeks ago. D:<br/>
I made one of these, everyone at school loved it
I did this about 2 years ago and my sister loved it. Try putting a front pocket on it. I also got some clear and purple duct tape cut a strip of it and weaved them to make a cherboard effect.
Did this for my daughter with purple and red tape. She loved it. I also made a closer. I'll post pics when I get a chance.

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