This is an instructable on how to make my personal duct tape hat!

Step 1: Materials

for this instructable you will need:

1) my newspaper hat (which you can find out how to make here
https://www.instructables.com/id/Newspaper-Hat!/ )
2) duct tape
3) cardboard or paperboard (i used a coke fridge pack)
4) scissors
5) sharpie

if you have these materials you are ready to go!

Step 2: Top

first step to making my duct tape hat, is to cover the top and sides with duct tape. first make one strip, then cover the rest of the top and sides like follows...

Step 3: Front and Back

the next step is to cover the front and back. first tape a strip towards the top, then one covering the bottom.

Step 4: Repeat

repeat step 3 on the other side

Step 5: Now for the Bill

now we make the bill, get out your cardboard! first put your hat on the cardboard, and draw a rough outline of the bill with the sharpie. Next cut out the bill and make sure it looks good with the hat.

Step 6: Cover the Bill

now its time to cover the bill in duct tape! Okay, first take strips of duct tape and just cover one side of the bill, dont worry if its not neat, its not supposed to be. then do the same on the other side, then trim the excess.

Step 7: Assembly

this step is pretty simple, all you have to do is use more duct tape to connect the bill to the hat, then if it doesnt go straight out, just use common sense to figure how much tape and where to put it to get it to.

Step 8: Show Off Your Style

now wear it and show everyone your awesomeness!
you now if you wear that for a longtime you can become bald when your older because of the chemicals in the tape
That's bull! One, the so-called "chemicals" in the tape are non-existent. With Duck brand duct tape, they use natural glues. Two, you wouldn't stick the hat to your head. You would get rid of the stickiness. Finally, I'd hate to burst your bubble, but it sounds like you made that up to look cool.
if there was a like button i'd click it <br>
what does a button have to do with anything?
Because buttons are awesome and you always have to press a red button if you see one.Especially if it's shiny.
Duct tape has no bad chemicals in it, but since it would be rubbing against your skin right after you made it, it could have that irritating glow about it that happens right after you make something with it. Also do not make low hats as the duct tape smells funny, and the more colored duct tapes smell stranger. Camouflage is the strangest...
i love how you know this <br>
get high...<br />
That is an awesome comment.
it reminds me of the hats lego makes for the little figures
i know right <br>
put an M on the hat and your mario!
if you want to show everbody how about not excluding everbody looking at this instructable <br> <br>i want to see if it works cool or not
I love this hat! I just can't figure out how to make the newspaper :C.
crazy coool hat!
Slangan1117, try this link for a duct Tape Hat <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/New-and-improved-Duct-tape-hat/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/New-and-improved-Duct-tape-hat/</a>
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
Honestly not that great. I made mine out of duct tape alone. None of the cardboard or whatever.
then you should put up an instructable on how to make it
I lost all the pictures lol.
how convenient...
No kidding. I had the whole entire process documented. So my mom deletes all the pictures to make room for her to take pictures of her flowers. I mean, what the hell.
Women and their flowers...
No kidding. :(
then take some pictures of the finished product
wow, nice! Where is the bill? or it doesn't have one?
Thanks. I don't have a bill like a baseball hat. It's my lid. ;D Ignore the velcro, I was making attachments for it lol.
ya yours maybe made out of just duct tape, but it doesnt look as good...
mine does
I could make it look a lot better. I believe in functionality over fashion. It's a good waterproof hat.
well i go for fashion... so ya
Fair enough. I made this mostly to see what I can do, and how if I could construct it.
oh nice...
dont forget the cats too.
ya you go
I have a way to make duct tape hats that look really cool using just duct tape. It seems that everything that the interent has at least uses newspaper.
What I did was put a solar panel into the side so it can power things! i also put a LED light on the bill for light!
Super Mario Hat! LOL! Great!
That works cool
If you want to make the sides rounded it is much harder, but if you are looking for a cool and perfectly made look, then go with straight lines and corners, because it doesn't fold well around curves.
ok, i have a duct tape baseball cap without corners and dint use a box, except for the bill, which is the exact box i used to, anyway, i did this: get a long strip of duct tape, warp around your favorite baseball cap sticky side out and stick it together, once u have the circle of duct tape, keep it on your cap and put a strip starting from the front and make it go to the back, still sticky side out, then do it from left to right, and now u have a circle with a cross that is in a half-sphere like a hat, now do it from all the angles until the whole half-sphere is coveredin duct taped, sticky side out, now put duct tape, sticky side in all over the half sphere, and add a bill, put duct tape over that and add that to the cap and ur done!
Very cool. I made a top hat once that looked like the one from Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Hats are difficult because they will only fit one size head! <br/><br/>Do you have an iPod? Try making an iPod case. I give free instructions off my site complete with pictures. Check it out! <a rel="nofollow" href="http://totallytape.com">http://totallytape.com</a><br/>
lol ide use a hat for the shape... then pull it out when i was done
i know how yo make one completly out of duct tape and looks like a real baseball cap... i might post it sometime idk
Did you post yet?
What's this got to do with weapons and lethal? And If you're a Ninja, it'll be wise to not wear that hat. That is not a Ninja hat.
These are a variation of the NEWSPAPER PRESSMANS hat I made 30 Yr ago.
dude, its like a mario hat!

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