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Before we get started I want to make something clear.If you have not worked with duct tape alot you will most likely find this impossible. And you have to be very patient because sheat making is a really long process.

P.S. This is my first instructable and is also in Spl1nt3rC3ll's head to head contest.

Also this instructable will take you atleast over 5 hours

Disclaimer- I am not responsible for any wasted duct tape. Or hair. Or time. Or if your dissapointed that you cannot flex your arms while wearing it. Or if you make it too tight and you have to cut it off to get out.

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Step 1: What You'll Need.

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3 Rolls of silver duct tape. ( 45 yrd )
Colored Duct tape. (optional I used Lime Green, Light Blue, and White.
Lots of patience and High-tolerance
An x-acto knife (or knife)
A pair of scissors.

Step 2: Making Your Base.

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First what you need to Do is make Giant sheets of Duct tape that will fit one of your shirts on them. You make a sheet by laying the stick side of a peice of duct tape on the sticky side of another peice of duct tape. Make two of these.

Step 3: Cut Out the T-Shirt Shape.

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Now that you have your giant peice of duct tape. Cut out a T-shirt shape. I would find a very well fitting T-Shirt and trace around it with a NON-Permanent marker. Then Cut it out. Do this for both peices.

Also it might be a good idea to make them WAY bigger then your shirt because this could turn into a duct tape straight coat if you do this wrong.

Step 4: Tape the Shirts Together.

Picture of Tape the Shirts Together.

You will not want to tape the shirts together by the sides. I needed to make mine bigger so I took peices of duct tape and layer thed on the sides and then coverd them up. This is hard to explain but if you need to make it bigger just slit the shirts down the middle and add more tape.

Step 5:

Picture of

Make it fit right. You can either A have a closed hoodie or B have a open hoodie that you can even put a zipper on if you want to overdue it. I made mine an open hoodie because the closed hoodie was really tight and would most likely cause problems later on. As you can see I had already begun decorating at this stage. You can decorate it as you go or all at once, either way its decorated.

Step 6: The Hood.

Picture of The Hood.

What you do to make the hood is you cut out to peices that kid of resemble a half moon. And then from there you tape them together. You will most likely have to add more tape to get it to go over your head more. This can be done easily by adding more tape and then covering up the sticky side.
The one shown in the first picture was too small so I needed to add more tape. The one in the second picture fits perfectly. Put the hood aside I will show how to attach that later.

Step 7: The Sleeves.

Picture of The Sleeves.

You can either make your Hoodie long sleaves or short sleaves. If you make it short sleaves all that you have to do now is attach the hood. But if you want long sleaves then you will have to follow this step. Make two peices of duct tape (without the sticky side showing) that are as long as your arm and as wide as the sleave on the existing shirt. Then tape the edges of these together. If your arm is to wide then do what I did in the picture below to get some space. The first picture shows the second strip in progress and the first strip done.

Step 8: Attaching the Sleaves.

Picture of Attaching the Sleaves.

Once you are done with your sleaves, stick them inside if the sleaves made from the 3 step on the T-Shirt. The tape around them on the outside and if you can on the inside as well. If the sleaves are too long trim them down accordingly.

Step 9: Attaching Hood.

Picture of Attaching Hood.

What you have to do to attach the hood is simple just simply tape it on. Put tape on both sides of where you want it on at and there you go. Shown in the picture is tape on the hood and The back of the hoodie. what I did then was Put it on the back of the hoodie and then taped the front.

Step 10: Adding Pockets.

To add pockets.

If your are making a non cut down the middle hoodie then you'll need one sheet of duct tape wich will be accomplised by layering it and the taping it on at the top and bottom of it

If you are making a cut hoodie. Then Make two smaller peices of sheet. Then just tape those on, on the top and bottom and inner side.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures for this step but it's pretty easy.

Step 11: Fin.

Picture of Fin.

There you go youre all done now after those hours of hard work you can step back and tape a good look at what you made. Also it is a very good idea to keep trying it on as you make it.

Below is a picture of the finished product. Its not good for wearing but is almost like a sculpture in a way. Also I know of a way to make a (round, flat brim) baseball hat if anyone wants me to post that in the future.


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This is awesome!

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dude, you cracked me up with your 'disclaimers'. good job!

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Is it warm? I'm afraid to make it and waste my duct tape if it's not.

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Thank you for sharing! You did a great job!

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This is sooooo cool I just made one for my little sister

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Dude your jacket is unbelievably awesome.....
How well does it fit though?
And would 2 55yd rolls be the right amount of tape???
Please get back to me on that and i give you props on your is BEAST

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how many rolls does it take?

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could you use a hoody instead of a shirt on step 3?

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You could just it wouldnt be quite as practical. An oversized T-Shirt would be best.

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So is the inside of your jacket colored too? Just curious.

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I just want to see how the hoodie fits

Oh yes that makes sense but It all depends on how much time you put into it. The back of mine is a little pointy but I could just tape over that If i want to. When you make it there are a little bit of bumps but if you just tape over them its ok

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Finished mine :D<br /><br /><a href=""></a><br />

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could you make me one for say 15$

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15$ bucks for material
However much shpping is and
6 hours of my time

No. Its not worth it.

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Aw shucks man! I was browsing instructables for a while and never found a duct tape hoodie.... Until today. Which makes me sad.... Because I spent 4 days making a duct tape hoodie when one has already been posted :(

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