Picture of Duct Tape Hydration pack on the cheap!
Heres a little 'ible on how to make a Duct Tape Hydration pack on the cheap instead of going and buying a camleback which usually cost upwards of 100 dollars.

Step 1: Materials!

Picture of Materials!
You'll need a roll of duct tape (Duhh!!!)
and you'll need a water bladder, hose, and nozzle from a camleback.  Now i'm using parts from an old hydration pack, but you can buy your parts online.  They may cost a fair amount, but trust me, its all much cheaper than buying an actual camleback.
Heres a really cheap bladder online that i found - http://www.rei.com/product/767109
greaser9710 months ago
Cool idea!! Saves a ton of monies
Xixfas2 years ago
camelbaks do not cost upward of 100 dollars....
Akask3 years ago
This is pretty cool, but the problem is that this will cost around $40 in materials, when the other day I saw a camelback knockoff for $25 at a sporting goods store.
bobert610 (author)  Akask3 years ago
True. I only made this one because i had an old one that had been worn down, and when i got a new one it just sat around. SO. i decided to make something out of the usable parts.
This might be just the ticket for recycling Grandma's old colostomy bags. I really hate to throw them out, but I haven't been able to come up with a good way to reuse them. I'll post my own Instructable once I've done some testing and worked out the details.

Btw, I once made IV bags using vacuum sealer bags with fish tank tubing and Shoo Goo. It was for a dummy IV practice arm I once made for school, not for any patient(s).

So after seeing this, I'm wondering if one were to use a bag wrapped in duct tape (to help make it "secure") and glue tubing in using something safer than shoo goo.

One could probably even link two or more bags into a series of bags (using a sealer) to make a larger one if necessary?

Just a thought.

bobert610 (author)  siafulinux3 years ago
that would definitely work
You can give them to me or sell them for cheap. They are such a rip-off.
Please tell me those aren't used...
bobert610 (author)  Mr. Potato Head4 years ago
ok cool! i look forward to seeing them
tinker2344 years ago
wow this could be cool to use for water
grenfrow4 years ago
why dont you just buy an extra bladder and use a plastic home depot t valve to split your bladders into one tube