Picture of Duct Tape Keychain
This Instructable shows you how to create a small Duct Tape keychain that is very versatile and can be carried almost everywhere.
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5-10 minutes

Note: This is my first published Instructable, so constructive criticism is welcome.
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Step 1: Collect Materials & Tools

Picture of Collect Materials & Tools
Collect the following tools and materials:
-Tape measure/Ruler
-Hand drill/Screw Driver
-Duct Tape
-Roll of Teflon tape
-Small beaded chain/small keychain piece

You don't need the Teflon tape, so you can use an old one. The beaded chain is from a pair of souvineer dogtags, but you can use any keychain attachment of your choice.

Step 2: Remove Teflon Tape

Picture of Remove Teflon Tape
Teflon tape is $0.97 at my local home improvement store, Lowes. Since it's cheap, I just removed all of it. Unroll it any way you like. I wrapped it around a pen which gives you a pen with a ccomfy grip.

Step 3: Fill the Spool With Duct Tape

Picture of Fill the Spool With Duct Tape
-Use a tape measure or ruler to find the width of the inside of the spool.
-Now, mark that width on your roll of duct tape and tear/cut on the mark.
-Stick the thin strip of duct tape to the spool and start wrapping it around until the spool is mostly full.
-Tear the duct tape and fold a small flap at the end of the tape on the spool so that it is easy to grab when you need it.

Step 4: Make it a Keychain

Picture of Make it a Keychain
Now, you could just put the spool of tape back into the blue cover and carry it in your pocket; however, I decided to make it a key chain so that it's always with me. (one less thing to remember when you're leaving the house)

-Take the blue cover and make a small hole on/near the center of the side.
-Send the beaded chain about half way through the hole.

-OPTIONAL: Cut two notches on the top edge of the spool. This helps the spool lock into the cover better. See picture.

-Close the beaded chain and insert the spool of duct tape into the cover.

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cool creation
unclex64 years ago
You should have just drilled 2 holes!!

That's pretty cool but the other day, I made a leather holster for duct tape that goes on my belt.
why not out of duct tape??
power5 years ago
 if you see me,you'll see your project in my pocket
I like your key chain approach, although I already have too many do-dads on my key chain as it is. My choice for keeping duct tape handy, (or electrical tape, which I use OFTEN), is to simply wrap a meter or two around the grip of a cheap pen, like you did with the teflon. Makes a comfy grip and nobody "accidentally" steals my pen. Keep on tapin'.
I've heard of putting tape on a pen. Is there an instructable on pen key chains? Somebody, please make one!
Dorkfish92 (author)  XaiofDren6 years ago
hm, mabey i can make one, i'll try to come up with some ideas this week.
please make one
Oh, by the way, nice instructable.
roxymojo6 years ago
Brilliant! I love it! Thanks for sharing.
Dorkfish92 (author)  roxymojo6 years ago
Thanks for the compliment! PLease don't forget to vote!
i love it
codongolev6 years ago
hey.... random question, but I went to ollie's bargain outlet (giant "everything is cheap as dirt" store) and got 10 sheets of 8 1/2" by 11" sheets of duct tape. what should I do with them?
Dorkfish92 (author)  codongolev6 years ago your bedroom floor 935 square feet or less? Heh heh, actually, i have no idea. They could be used to patch stuff up. How much are those? I've never seen them down here.
it was 3 bucks. pretty amazing.
thats well chaep
radiobath5 years ago
At first I thought, "What could you do with that little duct tape?" Answer: What can you NOT do with it? There have been so many times where I found myself out somewhere with no cash and needed a quick-fix for something. Hole in my backpack or a strap is tearing, needed to hang something up in a jiffy ("Out of Order" sign, for example), or anything where I would need tape, and not have it on me. The moment I started putting things on my keys/wallet, no matter how useless they seemed at first, became lifesavers. A crappy souvenir pocketknife actually helped fix one of the registers at my work. A little LED light helped me find someone's debit card in a field at night. I'm almost positive anyone who creates this will find out how useful it is within only a few days of having it. Five stars.
duct tape solves anything
jimbo3335 years ago
thanks for this post, ive been carrying a cut up room key wrapped in ductape, this is much better im gonna switch over
me too
Your instructable has inspired one project I've recently made! Here's a picture!
I call It "Dang, it's duct tape!" It is the strength of duck tape, combined with the easy usage of scotch tape! c=:-) <<<<<<<that smile's wearing a chief hat!

thats good
I thought it was a light bulb :P
thats well cool please post a instructable on that plz!!! :)
8=:) could work too
sharlston5 years ago
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
This is a great instructable because it is useful, yet simple. Simplicity is the key (hence my username).
i totaly agree. plus this is something no ones ever thought of. i mean the closest ive ever heard of is either A. carry a roll of duct tape. or B. ball it up and carry a roll of duct tape. and this is also a stealth role, it thinks its that other type, although ot good disuise cause its stil tape, witch is so obvious its geniious thats the last place id look for tape, in other tape. lol. pure genious man. on a whole other not. pure genius man. absolutely ure genius, almost like outting breathmints in an altoids can HAHA just kdding. besides my off topic ramble about disuises it is still very clever and simple witch is exactly a perfect instructable
Dorkfish92 (author)  simplicity is key6 years ago
Thanks, glad you liked it
Walikai6 years ago
isnt that a pipe tape keychain?
this is way cool dude i will use it
ggiihh16 years ago

Convienient, 5*
but the tape is rather skinny for any largersized needs -1*
But for pocket sized good +.5*
5-1+.5= 4.5*
Hail the almighty duct tape! For without duct tape, there would be no point to life itself. Ok, not really, but Awesome i-ble. This should come in handy! Favorited.
Easy, and a great pocket item! My dad always uses that tape, how does it actually work? It's like.. rubbery paper to me.
Teflon tape just fills in the gaps in threads, and when you screw something in, the tape seals all of the gaps. It is supposed to be rubbery so it fills the cracks. Very useful for plumbing and vacuum forming.
you need to be enlightened, you are missing out on a BIG part of this world, and it is easy for you since your dad already has it.
valkeray7 years ago
a very handy little thing to have-thanks for the very nice instructable--nice pics--good description--i definately voted
This a easy to figure out, simple to make at home, and great a Instructable well written out! As soon as I get some Teflon tape cases, I'm making one. +1, you deserve it!
Dorkfish92 (author)  comrade_general7 years ago
Thanks alot! Every vote counts!
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